Jay Leno's Show Got Cancelled, I Think We Are All Going to Regret It

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vintage Trans-Am race cars at Jay Leno's Garagevintage Trans-Am race cars at Jay Leno's Garagevintage Trans-Am race cars at Jay Leno's Garagevintage Trans-Am race cars at Jay Leno's GarageJay Leno and 1909 White Model M steam carJay Leno and 1909 White Model M steam carJay Leno and 1909 White Model M steam carJay Leno is an avid car collectorJay Leno is an avid car collectorJay Leno is an avid car collectorJay Leno is an avid car collectorJay Leno is an avid car collectorJay Leno and 1931 Duesenberg Model J LaGrande CoupeJay Leno and 1931 Duesenberg Model J LaGrande CoupeJay Leno and His 1907 White steam carJay Leno After November CrashJay Leno and 1940 Indian Four Motorcycle
I do not think that there is an English-speaking car enthusiast out there who has not heard about Jay Leno. Sure, you are welcome to contradict me, but please remember that you are doing it in the comments section of an article about Jay Leno, so maybe refrain from the cliché joke of asking who he is. Now, the last six months have been hard on Jay, and things went as far as having his show canceled.
I was reading an article about his latest motorcycle accident yesterday, and I have also seen another article announcing the cancellation of his show, Jay Leno's Garage, which had been on CNBC for seven years even, if it was initially meant to be an online show. Now, I do not know about you, but this is the second-saddest thing that we could have read about the famous comedian, talk show host, and car enthusiast.

Can you even imagine learning that the 72-year-old car enthusiast broke his collarbone, and two ribs, as well as cracked both his kneecaps about two weeks ago, and now his show got canceled? Damn, that is just rough, and it happens with the network which Leno has been working with for the past three decades. In this case, when trouble hits, it hits hard.

In just three months, Jay Leno has been on fire, in the hospital, clothes-lined off his bike with several broken bones, and then had his show canceled a week later.

Now, you might be saying that Jay just wanted to enjoy retirement anyway, or something like this, but the TV personality who has a career that spans longer than most of the lives of everyone on our team has not made any mention of any intention of retiring.

Jay Leno and 1909 White Model M steam car
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube video by Jay Leno's garage
If there was, I have missed the reference all this time, but the network would have announced Jay's decision to retire as the reason the show will no longer be on air.

In fact, what made me a bit upset is that his show is set to be replaced by reruns of Shark Tank, alternated with Undercover Boss, and then various original documentaries, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

I am not an expert in TV programming, and I realize that my taste might not be the same as that of the majority of TV audiences, but making a scheduling shift that involves putting reality show reruns instead of an interesting show, albeit one with cars, seems like something that my mind cannot explain.

For the moment, it is not clear when the last episode of Jay Leno's Garage is set to be filmed and then aired and if the YouTube channel will survive past this cancellation. Hopefully, we will get to see Jay Leno, his car collection, and his guests for many more episodes going forward, even if it will not be on TV and just on YouTube.

vintage Trans\-Am race cars at Jay Leno's Garage
Photo: Jay Leno's Garage/YouTube
Maybe it is just me, but I have recently begun to look at things differently and especially appreciate some things that we often take for granted. At the beginning of this month, the world lost Ken Block, and people are still grieving his passing.

Losing a relative involves an unquantifiable amount of grief, and this becomes even more painful when that person is your parent, regardless of how old you are.

Sadly, I can attest to this from personal experience, and the pain never goes away; it is just concealed somewhere in your mind, only to reappear in various moments of your life. Sometimes, you may not realize how much hurt you are by such an event, only to discover its severity to you weeks, months, or years later.

Upon learning of Jay's fire incident last year, I feared that it may be the last time we got to see him. Recovering from a fire is not easy, and things get tricky after a certain age when injuries are concerned.

Jay Leno and 1931 Duesenberg Model J LaGrande Coupe
Photo: YouTube / Jay Leno's Garage
My father is the same age as Jay Leno, and he still feels pain from older injuries (including getting hit by a car), so it is remarkable that Jay managed not only to leave the hospital smiling but also got on his vintage motorcycle two months later, as well as continuing to do shows.

While some internet commenters suggested Jay should wear a flameproof racing suit when he is involved with vehicles and stick to those that have four wheels, Jay deserves to be free and do whatever he likes.

He has worked for it, and while I may never meet him in real life, he left me with the impression of an all-round nice person, and I find it upsetting to see that his show has been canceled and replaced with reruns of Shark Tank, of all things.

To be fair, I do not know the ins-and-outs of the entire deal, and Jay might have decided to step down or take a break from the show, in which case there is no point in being upset with the network, but still, if the cancellation is not linked to Jay's wishes, someone at the TV station should explain what is going on.

Jay Leno After November Crash
Photo: Grossman Burn Center
IMHO, Jay Leno is the equivalent of car enthusiast royalty, and we should treasure him for his storytelling abilities and his passion for the automobile, which he shares with the rest of the world on the Internet.

It is magnificent, and we should appreciate him more than he is appreciated by the network if you ask me. As a reference, Jay Leno has been an Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee in the 2020/2021 session.

A similar spot is held by Arnold Schwarzenegger, in my book, as he is an inspiration to so many, and he managed to succeed in so many fields while continuing to be a nice person.

I do not know who grew up wanting to be like Jay Leno, but there are many who aspired to become like Arnold, and it was only fitting that I mention him, as well, in a discussion of underappreciated car enthusiastic celebrities with a positive influence on the world.

Feel free to use the comments section to let us know who the celebrity car enthusiast you think is underappreciated by the world. Or by their network, apparently.

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Editor's note: For illustration purposes, the photo gallery shows various images of Jay Leno, as well as a clip of him in a segment of his show, Jay's Garage. This is proof that you can do quality entertainment that is insightful, funny, and without breaking stuff.

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