Jay Leno Presidential Vote in McLaren MP4-12C

Only in Hollywood would you expect people to turn and vote in supercars. For the 2012 presidential elections, Jay Leno chose a relatively discreet McLaren MP4-12C.
Jay Leno votes in a McLaren 1 photo
The denim chin, as Leno is sometimes called, was predictable in the fashion department as well, sporting the usual combo of jeans and denim shirt. Real men don’t dress fancy, but who do they vote for?

Is Jay Leno a Democrat or a Republican? We don’t really know, since some people say he’s a Republican, while others say he’s never voted Republican. But, earlier this year he said that “Democrats and Republicans are interesting, because Republicans really laugh at themselves more.”

The statement was made on Meet The Press, where he recalled that George W. Bush was willing to do a skit and John Kerry rode on a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket.

So did he vote for Mitt Romney? Who knows, but Leno loves his gas guzzlers, and that’s a clue!

Story via Celebrity Cars Blog


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