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Jay Leno Features Aptera Alpha Development Vehicle With 1000 Mile Range

Despite a rollercoaster of ups and downs during its history, Aptera is still working to bring a production vehicle to market, and 1000 miles of range is on the table for 2022.
Jay Leno with the Aptera Alpha DV 6 photos
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The original Aptera was founded in 2006 and had grand plans. However, the market crash in 2008 was a big blow to the company, and by 2011 they were returning customer deposits and closing their doors.

In 2019, the original creators reformed the company, and the Aptera Alpha Development Vehicle is the product of their hard work. Two different versions are planned, but the one is the base model with front-wheel drive.

With around 75 horsepower per wheel, the Aptera isn't particularly fast, but speed isn't really what this small car is all about. Aptera touts it as the only EV that you never have to plug in. There are some caveats to that idea, though.

First, the car must be outside as often as possible. That's because it charges via solar panels on its body. Moreover, the rear end will feature an entire hatch covered in solar panels on the premium version of the Aptera.

Aptera says that it will charge up to 40 miles per day on its own. They also say that the average commuter goes under that amount of miles per day. Of course, if you get the base model, it's only capable of charging 20 miles per day.

It also requires that you leave the car outside and that it's sunny outside. And Jay points out that you'll have to park where there's no shade. Still, for those who can expect to achieve those goals, the Aptera is said to go up to 1,000 miles on a single full charge with a top speed of 110 miles per hour.

Of course, on the other side of the coin, those who are willing to use a charger can charge the car much faster and with much less juice than a conventional charger.

Jay likes how it drives too. He says it's comfortable, easy to enter and exit, and handles well. Now it's only time that will tell if this Aptera will make it to full production.

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