Jay Leno Drives the 3D-Printed 2023 Czinger 21C, Says It's an Automotive Revolution

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Photo: Jay Leno's Garage on YouTube
2023 Czinger 21CJay Leno Driving the 3D-Printed 2023 Czinger 21C2023 Czinger 21CCzinger CEO, His Son, and Jay LenoCzinger CEO, His Son, and Jay Leno
American TV star and comedian Jay Leno continues to bless us with car-related content on its YouTube channel and CNBC. This time, the man got inside a car that could change the vehicle production process forever – the V8-powered 2023 Czinger 21C manual. He says it’s “pretty sophisticated” and does so for a very good reason.
Jay Leno isn’t only into classic cars. The celebrity has an affinity for everything that goes into making a vehicle. That’s why he explores anything automotive-related. Now, with the 21C, Leno argues this is an example of how cars will be built very soon. We might just be witnessing a major shift - again!

The founder and CEO of the company Kevin Czinger explains that the 21C is designed in America and its hybrid powertrain is put together with the help of a new digital system. It may sound simple, but it’s a lot more complicated than what automakers are currently doing. People working behind the screens must make sure everything is properly defined in the proprietary software. The physical work might have been reduced by a lot, but the attention to detail has dramatically increased. After all, this Czinger is an American-made hypercar!

The impressive thing is that it’s not only hiding a turbocharged 2.8-liter V8 and electric motors under the hood – the vehicle also has a manual gearbox! The 1,250-HP (1,267 PS) 2023 Czinger 21C is truly an uncommon machine and somewhat of a marvel for many people looking after interesting, collectible, and exclusive cars nowadays.

Jay Leno even goes as far as to say that the 21C represents “the peak of human collaboration with artificial intelligence.” With a name that stands for “21st Century,” the CEO intended for this hypercar to be the world’s fastest production car with a power-to-weight ratio that could make even some go-karts jealous. Weighing 2,756 lb (1,250 kg) with no fluids or humans in it, they almost reached that goal. The Hennessey Venom F5 and the Koenigsegg One:1 are still better in the numbers department when comes to the power-to-weight ratio.

However, the 21C and its electrified small displacement V8 can achieve some impressive figures. For example, the all-wheel-drive hypercar accelerates to 60 mph (97 kph) in 1.9 seconds and stops from pushing on at around 253 mph (407 kph) when it reaches its top speed! Thanks to a blend of aluminum and other undisclosed materials, the vehicle has a lot of hollow structure parts which are incredibly strong. This keeps the weight to a minimum and makes the entire thing rigid enough for confidently throwing it around a track.

All this promise and progress come at a cost, though. More precisely, around $2 million for each of the 80 units that are going to be built.

Czinger is already working with eight established manufacturers on revamping their production process. Just imagine what 3D printing could do for Tesla or other mass producers that want to get their vehicles faster in customers’ hands.

Surprising everyone, Czinger already presented an upgraded version of their 3D printed hypercar – the Czinger 21C V Max. Promising even greater speed and improved track performance, the V Max is also scheduled to be delivered next year alongside the “normal” 21C. Unlike its brother, this one can go under the 1.9 seconds 0-60 mph (0-97 kph) threshold by 0.02 seconds.

Will 3D printing be the way forward for automakers? That certainly remains to be seen. It’s not going to happen overnight, but we might get to see some pretty exciting things soon.

Now watch what Jay Leno had to say about the 2023 Czinger 21C and all the potential that lies within. He also goes for a spirited drive with the company’s CEO. The American comedian claims he’s the first to drive it outside the company’s employees, but the hypercar has been presented by other media outlets like Top Gear or influencers such as Supercar Blondie. It’s possible the video was recorded earlier and just now released, but it’s good to know Czinger didn’t just appear out of the blue.

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