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Jay Leno Drives One of the Rarest Ferrari F50s, Wants the Top To Come Down

While we know Jay Leno isn’t into buying Ferraris, he sure likes to drive them. In one of the star’s most recent Garage show episodes on YouTube, he tries to help the F50 gain some popularity. He’s showing the pros but remains vigilant when it comes to expressing his true feelings.
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Jay Leno and Two Ferrari F50sFerrari F50Fly Yellow Ferrari F50Red Ferrari F50Jay Leno and the Red Ferrari F50Fly Yellow Ferrari F50
There’s no denying Jay Leno likes Ferraris. Who wouldn’t? They’re gorgeous cars with an impressive history and a contemporary branding that kept the fanbase growing.

The two F50s he shows in the newest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage have a naturally aspirated V12 under the hood and look like they’re brand new. These vehicles are just 27 years old. It’s surprising for most, but we ought to remember time never stops.

While red is clearly a Ferrari color, the yellow F50 is more valuable because it is very, very rare. It brings a premium over the red F50 of almost $500,000, and now it’s more expensive than an Enzo. That’s because the Maranello-based automaker built only 31 models in what Americans call “Fly Yellow” and Ferrari says is “Giallo Modena.” There were only 349 F50s ever made between 1995 and 1997.

The F50 is not a coupe, but a convertible that comes with both a soft and a hardtop. Owners are not that keen on taking them down because it’s a process that takes almost an hour. Bolts must be removed, and the hardtop can’t come with the owner on a trip. That’s why Ferrari also supplied a soft top.

While the F40 still remains the most popular, the F50 is clearly the better option, in Leno’s opinion. As he’s driving the car, he notices how easy it is to change gears and work the clutch. The vehicle might look intimidating, but it’s not, especially when you find out it sits on American Goodyear tires, not Pirelli or Michelin.

Jay Leno gets behind the wheel and instantly says, “you can’t beat the V12,” while jokingly adding that one “can’t argue with the wife” because of the impressive noise the engine makes.

The American star might not be a Ferrari customer, but he’s a fan of the prancing horse and respects what this brand means for the automotive world. Driving an F50 on a sunny day is a good way of reminding oneself why changing your mind might be hard, but a good thing to do once in a while.

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