Jasper Is a Beautiful Camper Van That Boasts an Expanding Kitchen and a Hidden Shower

This converted ProMaster van has all the necessities 18 photos
Photo: Scarlet & Seth via Youtube
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Van conversions come in all sorts of styles and sizes. But one thing they have in common is that they incorporate a ton of space-saving hacks and clever ideas to make room for all the necessities. Jasper is a ProMaster van turned tiny home on wheels, which includes an expanding kitchen, a hidden indoor shower and an outdoor one, a spacious bedroom, and plenty of storage.
Camper vans are perfect for those who want to escape city life and enjoy a weekend full of adventure. They’re compact, so they’re easy to handle. Plus, you can park them in virtually any parking spot. Some vehicles are outfitted for full-time van life, so they come with everything travelers need to travel and camp in comfort. This ProMaster was turned into a little home on wheels since it has an open-concept living area with a kitchen, a living room, a shower, and a bedroom.

The conversion was completed by Seth and Scarlett from LTV Customs, two passionate van builders that create mobile habitats for a variety of adventurers. Their latest build is based on a 2018 RAM ProMaster with a 136-inch (3.45-meter) wheelbase. The camper, which was named Jasper, features a minimalist yet functional layout that hides away some unique elements.

The interior is simple, so it gives the impression of a bigger space. The beautiful custom grey cabinetry paired with the wood accents makes it look homey and warm. The ceiling with broken-up LED strips also adds to the cozy vibe. You’ll notice that the cab is separated from the living area via a beautiful divider that has a pocket door. This not only offers privacy to the owners, but also helps with temperature regulation since it can get quite hot in the cab area during the summer.

Jasper camper van
Photo: LTV Customs
The whole setup makes you feel as if you’ve stepped inside a home, not a vehicle. Rounded edges, along with the multi-purpose furniture and the faux plant décor, are just some of the nice elements that you’ll notice inside the van. Since Jasper is pretty compact, Seth and Scarlett came up with some smart solutions to maximize every inch of space.

The kitchen has a large pull-put table with an extension that hosts a two-burner propane cooktop. Whenever travelers want to cook delicious meals, all they have to do is pull the extension out from underneath the table and hook the cooktop to a small propane bottle. Above this area is a fan, so people don’t have to worry about cooking smells or moisture. Of course, when it’s warm outside, they can open the doors, or they can simply take the cooktop outdoors.

The kitchen is also equipped with a mini fridge, a stainless steel sink with a gold faucet, and numerous cabinets and drawers that provide ample storage. You’ll notice that across the kitchen is a multi-use living room. Jasper offers less than 60 sq ft (5.5 sq meters) of living space, so the duo had to come up with ingenious ideas to make the most out of the limited room.

Jasper camper van
Photo: LTV Customs
There’s a bench that comes with two different sections. This way, people can take the end part and use it as a chair. They can move it wherever they want, and they also can put inside shoes or other items that don’t have a place inside the van. The other section is slightly bigger, and it hides away a composting toilet. The toilet can be moved out of the way to make room for the shower. All they have to do is hook up the shower curtain to the ceiling and connect the faucet from the kitchen area with a spray nozzle.

When the shower is hidden away, people can comfortably sit on the bench and use the swivel table in the living room to work or dine. At the rear, you can find a fixed bed for two, which can be easily accessed by using the removable part of the aforementioned bench. The bedroom is quite simple, but it’s really cozy.

Above the bed is a large skylight that lets natural light come inside while also offering a clear view of the night sky. On one side of the bed, you can spot a wooden shelf that’s perfect for books or plants. There are no cabinets in the bedroom, but underneath the bed, travelers get a big garage that can be accessed from the outside. They can put their bikes, outdoor equipment, or other large items that they want to carry with them. The camper features an outdoor shower at the rear as well. It’s a great addition for those that enjoy taking nature showers. It doesn't take up space and it helps people to keep the dirt outside the van.

Jasper camper van
Photo: LTV Customs
Up on the roof, Jasper comes with a 225-watt solar panel. The van also has a 25-gallon (95-liter) freshwater tank and a 15-gallon (57-liter) greywater one. Seth and Scarlett offered a thorough walkthrough of their latest build. You can watch the full tour in the clip attached down below.

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