Japanese Artist Creates Mesmerizing Sci-Fi Spacecraft Out of Paper

Japanese Artist Creates Mesmerizing Sci-Fi Spacecrafts Out of Paper 9 photos
Spacecrafts made out of paperSpacecrafts made out of paperSpacecrafts made out of paperSpacecrafts made out of paperSpacecrafts made out of paperSpacecrafts made out of paperSpacecrafts made out of paperSpacecrafts made out of paper
Like most of you guys who happen to visit our little planet we proudly call autoevolution, we too love scale models. We like how some of them come with beautifully crafted details which perfectly resemble the real life cars. Some are that well manufactured that we almost like them more than the real thing. Well, that’s pretty much how this Japanese Sci-Fi addict feels, since he managed to recreate the world’s most popular spaceships only using paper.
The Orion III, for instance, is a two-stage space shuttle launched on a reusable winged booster. In the famous 2001: A Space Odyssey movie, it was a spacecraft equipped with aerospike rocket engines and jet engines for atmospheric flight.

Then think of the Viper Mark II, who is a single-seat fighter aerospace craft used by the Colonial Fleet during the First Cylon War. In the Battlestar Galactica franchise, the fighter came with multiple kinetic energy weapons. Both had weapon hard points for mounting missiles under the wings.

And let’s not forget the famous X-wings, the starfighters from the original Star Wars. As opposed to the Empire’s TIE fighters these spacecrafts were designed to appear more “traditional”.

Well, we could go on forever since, as you can already tell, we’re quite the Sci-Fi series fans. Our point is, however, that all the models this artist is inspired by are not really that easy to replicate, much less recreate only using paper.

If you like what you see in the photo gallery below, we strongly advice you take 10 minutes and check out this fellow’s work. You might not get much of the quotes that describe every step of the project (unless you know Japanese), but it's at least worth seeing.
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