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James May Gives Richard Hammond a Ride in His Rosso Dino Ferrari 458 Speciale

Have you ever wondered what Grand Tour hosts Richard Hammond and James May (that's right, no Jeremy Clarkson this time) do when they're between shoots, back on British soil?
James May, Richard Hammond in Ferrari 458 Speciale 5 photos
James May, Richard Hammond in Ferrari 458 SpecialeJames May, Richard Hammond in Ferrari 458 SpecialeJames May, Richard Hammond in Ferrari 458 SpecialeJames May, Richard Hammond in Ferrari 458 Speciale
Well, we're here to provide a sample of the two stars' daily automotive life, with this involving a collector car, namely a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

This happens to be James May's Speciale, so we're not talking about a supercar used for some GT stunt. The machine is dressed in Rosso Dino, a color that strengthens its bond to the Prancing Horse heritage.

Captain Slow can be seen behind the wheel, while Hammond rides shotgun, but it seems that the two weren't simply driving around. As the YouTuber behind the video that documents the adventure states, the two were out to ensure the V8 machine passes its MoT (this is how the Brits label the mandatory tech inspection).

Perhaps due to all the car spotter pressure, the driver stayed true to the nickname mentioned above, taking off in what might seems like a pedetrian speed driving attempt.

We've had the pleasure to review the Ferrari 458 Speciale a few years ago, with the Maranello machine making extremely few compromises for the road. So while the 458 Italia or the Spider can be used for daily driving, albeit not without efforts from the one behind the wheels, we can't say the same thing about the Speciale.

Then again, once you get to fully stretch the mechanical legs of the Fezza, you understand what the hyper is all about - for instance, the 605 hp 4.5-liter V8 holds a natural aspiration specific power record and this shows. As for the aural side of the mid-engine beast, this makes the current wave of twin-turbo supercars feel like a massive step backwards.

As for the handling part of the equation, the track special is as tail-happy as you'd imagine, with this generally being a top asset. 

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