James Glickenhaus Announces Glickenhaus Zero Has Started Operations

Glickenhaus Zero Le Mans Hypercar 8 photos
Photo: James Glickenhaus
Glickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus Expedition
James Glickenhaus has already challenged Tesla and Volkswagen to prove BEVs (battery electric vehicles) can beat FCEVs (fuel cell electric vehicles) in competitions. We suspect he will do that more frequently after announcing Glickenhaus Zero has already started its operations.
The new enterprise will be a sister company to the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and “will design, engineer, build and race zero-emission road and race vehicles.” Not by chance, Glickenhaus announced on June 22 what promises to be one of Glickenhaus Zero’s hottest vehicles: a liquid cryogenic fueled ICE Le Mans Hypercar.

This is the second vehicle without fossil fuels to emerge from Glickenhaus’s teams. The first one we heard about was the SCG Boot FCEV, which will use hydrogen in a much more sensible and energy-efficient way. Instead of burning it (which would still produce nitrous oxides and particulates), the clean Boot will use hydrogen to generate electricity. That energy will then power the electric motors of SCG’s vehicle.

When it comes to combustion engines, it makes more sense to burn fossil fuels thanks to their higher energy density. Most of it is also lost to the heat created inside combustion chambers. Reciprocating engines still need lubricants, which implies they will still burn some oil no matter what the primary fuel is. If a car is to use hydrogen, it should be to generate electricity.

It may be the case for the future Glickenhaus Zero Le Mans Hypercar. SCG was working with First Mode, an engineering company that was helping to develop the Boot FCEV. With Glickenhaus Zero taking over these projects, we believe First Mode will also be involved with the liquid cryogenic ICE idea.

We’ll probably hear more soon about Glickenhaus Zero, including new zero-emission projects coming from it. We’d bet it will have versions of SCG cars, but it would be really cool to see it develop its own vehicles with dedicated designs.

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