Jaguar XJ Has a Nasty Nurburgring Crash

Jaguars used to be stuffy cars for people who collected rifles, wooden ducks and green overcoats. The XJ was the stuffiest of them all, but that all changed when JLR opened a Nurburgring test center.
Jagaur XJ crash 1 photo
The current generation XJ was the first car to have an all-aluminum chassis in this class and Jaguar's ambitious engineering was rewarded with improved performance. Stunning looks were also added, as well as numerous configuration options introduced over the years.

It would be a shame then if somebody… were to crash it. This XJ Supersport is the a Nurburgring taxi, a 5-liter supercharged monster that deserves to be treated with respect. But if you race a luxury barge on a test track, something is bound to eventually happen.

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