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Jaguar XE Prototype Spied Wearing New "E" Badge: Hybrid or Tesla Rival?

Until autonomous cars take over, we still have to go through the alternative propulsion phase and it seems the latest development in the field comes from Jaguar Land Rover.
Jaguar XE E spyshots 9 photos
Jaguar XE E spyshotsJaguar XE E spyshotsJaguar XE E spyshotsJaguar XE E spyshotsJaguar XE E spyshotsJaguar XE E spyshotsJaguar XE E spyshotsJaguar XE E spyshots
Our spy photographers have recently come across a Jaguar XE prototype sporting an all-new "E" badge. Truth be told, this doesn't come so much as a surprise, since Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) have already started hybrid vehicle development. Still, the info we have on this prototype is very limited at the moment, which means that dirty bodywork could hide either a diesel-electric hybrid or a full electric model.

Not even the label in the corner of the windscreen provides clear info. Among others, this reads FEV ID and, as some of you know, FEV stands for Full Electric Vehicle.

You shouldn't rush to an all-electron conclusion just yet though, since FEV is also the name of a company that develops powertrains, activating in both EV and hybrid areas. And yes, FEV and JLR have worked together in the past.A diesel-electric hybrid?
The idea of a diesel-electric hybrid seems to make more sense. First of all, a development such as a plug-in hybrid would be a more natural step for a company that has so far released non-plug-in hybrids using six-cylinder diesel engines (Range Rover and Range Rover Sport SDV6).

On the other hand, the Jaguar XE is offered in Europe with an 163 hp two-liter diesel that emits 99g of CO2 per km, so the short-term green targets may be covered. Mercedes-Benz and BMW seem to think otherwise, with both the 3-Series and the C-Class embracing the hybrid way.Perhaps an EV
As for the all-electric side of the story, Jaguar has split the EV market in two main categories. Europeans want small EVs, but the company doesn't activate in such segments. As for the US, consumers like their EVs large and here is where JLR could go after Tesla.

Perhaps the upcoming Model X would be a better target than the Model S - unofficial reports have indicated Jaguar is preparing an all-electric version of its upcoming F-Pace crossover. Since the F-Pace shares its platform with the XE, the latter could serve as a test bed.

We'll be back on the topic as soon as we have more details. Until then, the E-Type is the Jaguar model that comes to mind when mentioning the alphabet's fifth letter.


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