Jaguar Uses "Game of Drones" to Showcase XJ's Rear Interior Room

Jaguar's Game of Drones 9 photos
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Jaguar's Game of DronesJaguar's Game of DronesJaguar's Game of DronesJaguar's Game of DronesJaguar's Game of DronesJaguar's Game of DronesJaguar's Game of DronesJaguar's Game of Drones
Drone racing isn't gaining as much popularity with the public as we initially thought it would, and that's probably because it's not nearly as exciting to watch as it is to actually fly the UAVs.
It's also a bit like trying to follow two mosquitos looking to mate. The drones zip about at incredible speeds which will make you dizzy in a few short seconds if you don't have the training of an astronaut. And when the view switches to the onboard camera, prepare for a bit of motion sickness.

However, just because most people might not find it entertaining enough to watch, that doesn't mean it's still not massively impressive. The pilots can probably outdo a fly's reflexes, and if there's ever the need to send somebody out to launch a few torpedos into the Death Star shaft after darting through a tight canyon, these are your guys.

Their ability to maneuver in tight spaces while losing as little speed as possible is second to none, which makes their appearance in this Jaguar promotional clip a little confusing. The British premium carmaker is trying to "demonstrate the wealth of luxurious space inside the long-wheelbase XJ saloon," and we've just praised the pilot's skills in dealing with tiny holes.

Well, the idea was to take the rear door frame of the long-wheelbase Jaguar XJ sedan and turn its shape into drone racing goals. To make things all that more interesting, three actual cars - two with their rear doors opened and one slightly lifted to allow the drones to pass underneath - were placed on the course. Add two contestants - who also sit in the back of a Jaguar XJ, only this one's an XJR - and you have yourself a race.

Ignore the fact this is more relevant for the ease of access than the actual interior space and just sit back and enjoy the frantic pace of the race.

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