Jaguar to Develop F-Type Range Based on Porsche 911, AWD Considered

From the very beginning, people looked at the Jaguar F-Type the wrong way. Because it looked a bit cute and had a roadster design, people naturally thought it was a rival for the Boxster, but i fact it's been created to rival the 911, in the same broad way that a BMW 6-Series rival the 911 as well.
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“I worked for Porsche for 10 years, so I’ve got a certain affinity to the brand.” Those are the very word of one Jaguar global brand director Adrian Hallmark from the sidelines of the new York Auto Show.

Hallmark liked what he saw in Germany so much that he wants to copy them and turn the F-Type into Jaguar's own 911… like for like.

According to a report from, the Brits are going to launch new versions of the F-Type every 12 to 18 monte until the car is eventually replaced in 2020. A rough calculation tells us that's a minim of four cars.

Among the cars they're already considering are all-wheel drive and an ultra-lightweight track car like the 911 GT3. The word "serious" was used a whole bunch of time when referring to AWD, so we'll likely see that car first. Anybody who's ever had an unwanted slide in his Jag probably knows why.

“The parallel to Porsche is their almost paranoid obsession with lifecycle management, and I think it’s exactly the way to go for a sports car. Every year you’ve got to do something that gives someone that’s already bought one the reason to come and look again, even if they don’t need one. If you can get people to change every 18 months, you get two customers for every normal three-year period, you get two sales for every one customer,” Hallmark says.

Hallmark also mentions semi-coachbuilt low-volume cars will be available to the ultra-rich wanting something special. The prototype systems they used to created the F-Type in the first place can be adapted to subtly change the car to have slightly bigger arches or a different body that's certainly possible.
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