Jaguar Consul Launches an Image of Jaguar For the Not So Distant Future

Let's say that we get to that fully autonomous future sooner than we anticipate. Let's say it happens in the next ten years. When it does, this is one vehicle we may see on the streets.
Jaguar Consul 14 photos
Photo: Hanchang Liu
Jaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar ConsulJaguar Consul
For years, Jaguar has been at the forefront of accessible comfort and performance. Now a concept of what it could be in thirty years is here. This concept has been named Jaguar Consul and was accomplished through the work of a team of designers. Among them Gregoire Mory and Hanchang Liu. Both are designers with an ample experience in the automotive field.

Right from the start we can guess it’s a Jaguar without even seeing the emblem. The iconic long hood and lifted rear capsule reminiscent of the E-Type is clear in the design. But, as we know, the E-Types are a bit tight, so this team sought to bring a bit more space and functionality to this brand that would be in tune with a future that might seem plausible.

Jaguar Consul
Photo: Gregoire Mory
The exterior is where we can see the most Jaguar influence. From the side it offers the E-Type look, but with a lot more space. The front of the Consul looks like a futuristic version of the 2020 F-Type. A dropped hood that raises over the wheel wells with long fluid lines are iconic of Jaguar design. A huge splitter is also in the designs to not only complete the mean look it offers, but surely has functionality as well. Squinting headlights, probably constructed from LED strips, accents this entire area.

Those same lines that start at the front of the car, run along the sides, shaping the windshield and side paneling, and eventually assembling at the rear in that tapered off edge. This rear edge comes as a continuation of the top line on the car and flows over the rear to offer that sleek look that seems to blend fluidly into any setting.

The way technology is moving was taken into consideration when designing this vehicle, meaning the car is autonomous, so much in that the usual driver seat faces towards the rear of the vehicle. But this sort of arrangement does have a functionality purpose in line with Jaguar mentality.

Jaguar Consul
Photo: Gregoire Mory
The interior of the Consul is accessed through a fair of gull-wing doors and is set up in such a way as to act as a sort of meeting room on the go. While the driver seat faces towards the rear, the front passenger seat has been moved to the rear as well, and those three seats face forward towards the driver, or in this design, towards your CEO.

But if you do feel like driving this wonderfully sleek ride, it does allow for this to happen. The far-left passenger seat from the rear has an option for a steering wheel. Another aspect the design sports is a reduced size for the windshield. This is supposed to offer a reduced field of view, bringing with it a higher sensation of speed. But is it safe? Well, yes. It is autonomous after all.

Don't worry however, the Consul has plenty of visibility like other autonomous vehicles, over the cabin. As a continuation of the windshield, the top paneling on the car is also made of glass to give you something to look at while enjoying this ride.
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