Jaguar and Land Rover Cars Will Get Nvidia's Nervous System

Jaguar and Land Rover cars get Nvidia tech from 2025 6 photos
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JLR's cars will come with Nvidia's Nervous SystemJLR's cars will come with Nvidia's Nervous SystemJLR's cars will come with Nvidia's Nervous SystemJLR's cars will come with Nvidia's Nervous SystemJLR's cars will come with Nvidia's Nervous System
Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will get major technological updates thanks to Nvidia. These so-called nervous systems will change how customers will interact with their vehicles.
Tesla didn't just change how we ended up looking at fully electric vehicles but also pushed the boundaries on what in-car entertainment can be. The Germans followed with their own interpretation but just barely got it right. Looking at what Rivian, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ford, Tesla, Lucid, and even Hyundai are doing today, it is clear a change is needed. It's not only about screens. Customers want to have their senses satisfied and are spending good money for it.

Land Rover's new Range Rover looks stunning even though it represents a mild upgrade in this regard, not a complete makeover. Looking at the car, you will find out it has everything you need: comfort, your choice of performance, exceptional exterior design, and almost enough technology to last for at least two decades. Unfortunately, in today's world, "almost enough" is not what it takes to be chosen by customers. You need to have a plethora of apps to satisfy your clients, but you also must integrate things like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, fast browsers, and maybe even games to guarantee your success. Not to mention the all-important Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well.

That’s what Jaguar and Land Rover will do together with Nvidia. The Tata-owned British brands will launch new cars starting from 2025 that'll come with what Reuters says are "nervous systems and computer brains." Essentially, this means cars will have the technology to integrate technical developments and adapt with updates. Just like Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other car brands that have enabled over-the-air updates, Jaguars and Land Rovers will be able to take the next step in connectivity and entertainment. The current Pivi Pro infotainment system will be heavily enhanced. Moreover, other capabilities like autonomous driving and self-parking will work a lot better.

This also represents a win for Nvidia as the company was looking to expand its business and has now succeeded.

"The result will be some of the world’s most desirable vehicles, preserving the design purity of the distinct Jaguar and Land Rover personalities while transforming the experiences for customers at every step of the journey," says Nvidia.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) previously had a deal with Google's Alphabet that's still ongoing, but it only covers the I-Pace. The contract with Nvidia brings all of JLR's vehicles under the same technological roof. Starting from 2025, we will see what this means exactly.

All Land Rovers and Jaguars will have Nvidia artificial intelligence (AI) onboard, but the deal will also guarantee data center hardware, software and workflows needed to develop and validate autonomous driving technology, from raw data collection through validation.

“Next-generation cars will transform automotive into one of the largest and most advanced technology industries,” said Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang. “Fleets of software-defined, programmable cars will offer new functionalities and services for the life of the vehicles.”
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Editor's note: Gallery shows photos of JLR cars and Nvidia technology.

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