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Jagermeister Dodge Viper Wrap Is a Shot of Adrenaline

Now that Dodge has ended Viper production, we're treating any example of the V10 wielder with even more respect than before. As such, we're delighted to bring you an example of the snake that will easily stand out among its kind.
Jagermeister Dodge Viper Wrap 3 photos
Jagermeister Dodge Viper WrapJagermeister Dodge Viper Wrap
That's because the supercar we have here has received an eye-catching wrap. The second skin job of this Viper literally has Jagermeister written all over it, but this is only half of the job.

As you can see in the pair of images above, the wrap comes with a weathered design. Certain gear heads out there might see the black bits found all over the car as battle scars that could've been earned on the track.

Speaking of which, this is one of the early Vipers. You know, the ones that always tried to send their drivers to motoring heaven via the shortest route.

Thus, we see this wrap as being more than fit for the job, since spending time behind the wheel of the slab of America that serves as a host will obviously result in a shot of adrenaline.

The design for the wrap we have here comes from Scott Kepple. We're talking about a digital artist that has delivered plenty of memorable wraps. His work pushes the second skin realm to a new level, whether we're talking about US machines or Porsches. For instance, here's a rusty design adorning a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Also, it's worth noting that the pixel wielder has a thing for rear-engined machines.There's one more thing we need to discuss
Given the theme of this wrap, we figured that certain aficionados out there might not be familiar with the pronunciation of the featured brand's name. As such, we've brought along a Youtube clip that will sort things out for you.

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