Jack Daniel's-Themed Brake Fluid Reservoir Looks… Tasty

Jack Daniel's Brake Fluid Reservoir 4 photos
Photo: J-Do Racers
Jack Daniel's Brake Fluid ReservoirJack Daniel's Brake Fluid ReservoirJack Daniel's Brake Fluid Reservoir
Booze and riding motorcycles usually don’t lead to good results when mixed together, and if you mustn’t take our word for this. You can have a pretty scary reading on the motorcycle deaths in the US and if almost a third of the total number of fatalities involving alcohol is not scary enough… well, at least we tried.
Still, there are occasions when spirits and bikes go together quite well, but they don’t involve drinking and driving. You most likely don’t remember the Hoosier Daddy Choppers Jack Daniel’s ’77 Ironhead Sportster but here’s a nifty modern piece to match it. Frankly we don’t know whether this most uncanny brake fluid reservoir is for real or it is only a funny mock-up, and rudeandracer is not making things any clearer.

If anything, we can expect this contraption to actually work, especially if no corners are cut in the manufacturing process. After all, casual brake fluid reservoirs are not exactly rocket science, with dust-proofing and water-proofing being the most important aspect in maintaining optimal working condition.

So far a tightly screwed cap might do, even though this fragile bottle construction might break in case of a spill and render the front brake useless. Aaand there is one more safety issue to the design, namely the way the bottle is attached to the holding arm. Motorcycles vibrate quite a lot and this might be one of the weak points of this build.

We have to be honest and admit that seeing a tiny Jack hosed to a radial Brembo master is one of the things we were not expecting, but it looks very cool. Probably not the best aerodynamics at very high speeds, but definitely a head-turner when rolling down the street or parked.
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