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It’s Smaller, It’s Less Expensive, and Has Everything You Need for an Expedition
Seeing as how not everyone has a million dollars to spend on a Dakar capable expedition vehicle, the boys at Adventure Trucks sought to give us a more affordable solution. And in my opinion, what we’ve received is perfect for a two-week leave from society.

It’s Smaller, It’s Less Expensive, and Has Everything You Need for an Expedition

Adventure Truck XTAdventure Truck XTAdventure Truck XTAdventure Truck XTAdventure Truck XTAdventure Truck XTAdventure Truck XTAdventure Truck XTAdventure Truck XTAdventure Truck XT
It’s called the Adventure XT Truck and it seems to be one of the more accessible brands of expedition vehicles. It does not, however, lack in any sort of amenities.

Let’s just get right in. The two base chassis that can equip this off-road home are a Dodge RAM 5500 or a Ford F550. Please note that the base package for the XT starts at $370,000, so with upgrades and everything else, we’re looking somewhere under 500 thousand easy.

Much about the Ram 5500 or Ford F550 isn’t needed to be said, as we know these vehicles and their track record. The team wouldn’t be putting something like this on anything less capable.

The XT body itself is really where we need to divert our attention to. What we are looking at is a 30mm Fiberglass sandwich with closed-cell foam in between. This is a technique used in refrigerator construction, and we all know how well those insulate temperatures. With a body length of 19 feet and 6 inches (6 meters), and width of 89 inches (226 cm), it offers more room than a studio in New York. An interior height of 6 feet 4 inches fits even your average b-ball player.

Inside things really start to take on a different light. This is really where we see the level of ingenuity and design that Adventure trucks has come to be known for. At the front of the room, I’m calling it a room because it is as big as one, we have the sleeping area. Lifted to the top of the cabin, we are offered the option of choosing either a queen or king-sized bed. We can also find bedside cabinets on each side of the space. But my favorite accent here is the dual pane skylight. It just feels perfect for hanging out in bed with your partner and enjoying a view of the night sky devoid of city lights.

Down on the ground floor, all other amenities you may need are also found including a space for cab to cabin access right under the bed. A kitchen is available and offers everything from a stainless-steel sink with a deep bowl, a cooktop with a single burner induction function, and a fridge and freezer unit by Vitrifrigo. Even a microwave/ convection oven and a pull-out pantry is hidden in the works.

As far as a place to enjoy your meal, you have none. Outside with ya! Just kidding. If you don’t enjoy eating your meal under the stars or are simply afraid of big cats, a side dining booth with room for two and an adjustable dining table can be found, inside, so relax. This space can also be transformed into an auxiliary sleeping area.

We can also find plenty of space for goods and garments throughout the studio, including a side and rear storage cabinet, and even a hanging closet. For your clothes people, for the clothes!

A bathroom exists as well, ready with a wet bath shower and a Thetford swivel cassette toilet. A medicine cabinet and stainless-steel sink can also be found here.

Funny enough, the electrical systems are offered by Mastervolt, the same that works with GXV. Hmmm, are we seeing a pattern here? I'll let you look into this bit of info on your own. But solar panels also exist to help take care of some or most of the electrical needs.

Climate control is offered by Webasto Evo air heater and a rooftop AC unit. With 90 gallons (340l) of fresh water and 26 gallons (98l) in the gray water tank, it’ll keep you running in the wild for quite a bit.

A number of accessories also exist for the XT from MaxTrax extraction mats to fire extinguishers and even a washing machine for your dusty laundry.

But these are just a few of the options available. With what else you can throw onto the XT, you can really give it the expedition look.


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