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It’s a Sort of BMW Heaven on Earth: BMW Group Classic Center

The BMW 507 was by all accounts an amazing piece of motoring engineering and design. Just 254 were ever built and all those that remain regularly sell for more than seven figures.
BMW 507 Roadster 10 photos
In fact, one example, once owned by F1 and motorcycle racing champion John Surtees, sold for the astonishing figure of $5 million USD.

The BMW 507 was the work of Count Albrecht von Goertz and it is stunningly beautiful. It was also quite capable and marked the high line of BMW's abilities during the 1950s. A 507 could top out a 137 mph on the autobahn, and it was said to offer superb handling as well. The issue holding it back from massive sales? A sticker price of more than $10,000 USD which made it excessively expensive for the vast majority of post-war European and U.S. buyers.

It’s but one of the fantastic vehicles on display during the IAA Mobility show in Munich at the BMW Group Classic Center. The center is the location of a team of crack BMW technicians who painstakingly restore the classics of the line.

The BMW Classic Center takes care of all responsibilities for activities concerning the history of the company and its four brands BMW, BMW Motorrad, MINI, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

It is made up of the BMW Museum, BMW Group Classic Services and the BMW Group Archive. The Center manages and oversees the technical preservation of every model in a collection that now spans more than 1,400 vehicles.

And strangely enough, some of the classics at the Center are actually for sale. Should the model you desire not be available at the Center, BMW will help you locate an example of the car - or bike - want and even help you buy one through them. It doesn’t end there as the Center will follow through and restore it to precise BMW factory condition and then certify the vehicle for authenticity.


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