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Italy's Monza Might Become the Next Legendary Racing Circuit to Bow Out of Formula One

 Monza is not just a racing circuit. Built inside and around a green park with an even older banked track running through it, this is the Mecca of motorsport for all Italian fans.
Monza might exit F1 calendar 1 photo
Witnessing an event here is not something you will ever forget, and the annual Formula One Grand Prix is as big of an event as they come. People from all over the country, not to mention Europe or even the whole world, flock on the wide alleyways of the park. Heading over to their place in the stand or simply sitting behind a fence where they can catch a glimpse of their favorite driver for a fraction of a second, all fans are equally happy.

The whole park resonates with the high-pitch sound of revved F1 engines. If you close your eyes, you feel like a swarm of giant mosquitos is about to charge and drain every last drop of blood from your body. Not a single hair on your skin is left dormant and goosebumps last longer than ever before. Formula One is boring nowadays? Maybe so, but not when you're there to witness it. And definitely not at Monza.It's all about the money
The legendary Italian circuit has hit some financial problems lately, though, and it appears it might be taken out of the Formula One calendar once the current contract expires.

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has recently laid further doubts over the future of this venue saying there is a "good chance" we won't be seeing any more F1 Grand Prix here in the future.

"I don't know about Monza at the moment," said Ecclestone. "I have meetings there in September so we will see. I hope we don't lose it, but I think there is a good chance we will."

It would be sad to lose one of the emblematic names in Formula One history, but it would be even sadder to lose it over financial reasons. I'm pretty sure the Italian fans would be happy to chip in if somebody organised a fund-raising campaign to keep Monza in the run. This track has hosted the Italian GP from 1950 until today and that's not something you can simply ignore. Ask any real Formula One fan what he would choose between Monza and any of the newer venues like Abu Dhabi, Malaysia or Singapore and you will only get one answer. What ever happened to respecting your elders?

Bernie Ecclestone is adamant: "We don't want give any more than we give other people," he said, referring to a cut-price deal for Monza. "We want to give the same."

Here's to hope a solution will be found and Formula One, good or bad, will continue to come each year to that little town near Milan.


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