Italy Courts Intel With Plans For New Microchip Plant, Could Give Aid to Auto Industry

If the global microchip could be solved by simply making more chip factories, one would assume we wouldn’t be in a shortage in the first place. Even so, more facilities can be nothing but an asset, and it looks like Italy is primed to attract one of the world’s top microprocessor manufacturers. 
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A four-and-a-bit hour drive away from the home of most Italian automakers In Modena, the Italian capital of Rome, is in negotiation with the American microchip maker Intel to construct a new microchip fabrication facility. Preliminary estimates peg the potential deal as being worth upwards of €4 billion ($4.7 billion).

Traditionally, Intel’s made its name as one of the worlds leading microchip fabricators in x86 archetecture based consumer electronics alongside their hometown rivals at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Both conveniently headquartered in the same neighborhood of Santa Clara, California.

As far as most people know, Intel’s chips usually end up in high-end computers and tablets. What’s less known is they’ve also supplied microchip components to customers in the auto industry.

Intel is intent on focusing on continental Europe as the location for the sight of their next production facility, with Germany and France having also expressed similar ambitions for hosting one of the largest tech firms in the world.

A large portion of the multibillion-euro project is expected to be supplied by public money.The Italian government has gestured to Intel that it is ready and willing to provide more than ideal energy and labor costs to make a deal more attainable.

Intel’s profits lie for the most part in consumer electronics like desktops, laptops, and tablets. But the implications of another mega factory supplying much-needed microchips to industries of all sorts is a welcome sign, even if it won’t solve the problem outright. Such a facility in one of the most historic cities in all of Europe can only be another feather in Rome’s cap.
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