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It's Official: Dodge IS Killing the V8 Charger and Challenger After All

We have known for some time that Dodge is working on a new battery-electric platform for its next generation of muscle cars. Nevertheless, the fate of the V8 versions of the Charger and Challenger was unclear, with speculations that the V8 could live alongside the battery-powered cars. Sadly, this will not be the case, as Dodge finally confirmed in a letter to editors.
The future generations of Challenger and Charger will be EV only 10 photos
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According to a MotorTrend story, Dodge would supposedly continue selling ICE-versions of its muscle cars alongside the electric versions. This already sounds far -etched, as developing two different platforms for the same models would not work very well economically. MotorTrend sources were somehow convinced that the ICE platform would be shared among other Stellantis brands and models to spread the costs.

Unfortunately, as much as petrolheads wanted to believe it, the story proved to be nothing more than wishful thinking. A Dodge spokesperson felt the need to straighten things up in a letter to editors, confirming that the V8 versions are dead and that all ICE versions of the Charger/Challenger will be retired as well. The next Charger and Challenger models will be exclusively powered by electricity.

“The story was incorrect,” a Dodge spokesperson confirmed in a letter to Motor1, while the CarBuzz version adopts a stronger wording, saying that the story “was false.” “The Hemi in that platform, as well as that platform, are going away after 2023. The next generation will be BEV.”

This is it, folks; no more are they/won’t they uncertainty as Dodge seems determined to enter the EV fray head-on. As much as petrolheads hate it, electric propulsion systems are actually great for high-performance muscle cars. We’ve already seen Tesla Model S Plaid wiping the floor with many seasoned performance cars. At the same time, GM already speaks of the GMC Hummer EV as a “muscle truck.”

The V8 HEMI engine is expected to end its Charger/Challenger career with a bang. Rumor has it that the farewell version of the Hellcat engine will pump out up to 900 horsepower. It would be the last blast from the past before electricity takes over the muscle car realm.

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