It's Hard to Believe This Near-Miss Isn't a Choreographed Stunt

People say that sometimes, this thing we call the real world can be better, more spectacular than the movies. Let us tell you this much: that's a load of bu... something that has to do with male cows.
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Unbelievable near-missUnbelievable near-missUnbelievable near-missUnbelievable near-miss
We only sense it that way because it's not something we watch passively in front of a screen, but live through it, feel it with all of our senses until it is forever imprinted in our memory. Pff, better than the movies... Have you seen what those special effects guys can do these days? Everything, that's what.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can focus on the matter at hand. Namely, the kind of car stunt that would make Alastair Moffatt, the record-holder for the world's tightest reverse parallel parking tip his hat, take a bow and then leave the room, burn his MINI and give up driving forever. OK, we're exaggerating a bit, but even if the margins aren't as unforgiven as in Alastair's attempt, the difficulty is raised by the fact that there are four moving vehicles involved.

The first car that enters the frame is a silver sedan. Forget about it, it's not important. Instead, focus on the dark-colored sedan on the opposite side of the road. That's our firestarter. He performs a U-turn without checking the mirrors, and so manages to clip a red Mercedes-Benz W123 and send it into an 180-degrees spin which it executes perfectly.

Coming from the same direction as that first silver sedan I told you to forget about, but you obviously didn't are the last two protagonists. I have no idea what they were doing before the Mercedes took on ballet, but as they enter the camera's field of vision, they're almost side by side. They swerve in opposite directions allowing the Benz to pass through them and create one of the most beautiful dance moves I've seen in a while.

The beauty of it is dented a little by the blue sedan which goes on to bump a parked car, but for the sake of what I've just witnessed, I'll pretend I didn't see that.

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