It's 2017: Dyson's Making Electric Cars, Aston Martin's Making Vacuums

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The British car industry may not be doing too well these days, but there is one thing that they haven't lost their touch on: comedy. If you want to have a laugh, you can always count on the Brits' sarcastic, dark and often dry sense of humor.
Under normal circumstances, you'd have to pay for the ticket to one of their best stand-up comedians' shows, and luckily there's no shortage of those, but yesterday we were treated to a very elaborate joke for free. All we had to do was follow Andy Palmer on Twitter.

Mr. Palmer is the CEO of Aston Martin and, like most of the world, we'd imagine, he was quite surprised by the news surrounding Dyson's decision to join the carmaking business. He might have been a little bemused even, though he probably knows best than to underestimate somebody who's made a fortune out of selling things that either suck or bow air.

The CEO posted the picture of an Aston Martin-themed vacuum cleaner design sketch together with this text: "Congratulations @Dyson on joining our independent British car company club. We're looking forward to branching out into vacuum's... :)"

We'll let go the fact there appears to be one apostrophe intruder in Mr. Palmer's text and focus on what it was that drove him to post the message. For one thing, it was probably a show of force on the part of the company's designers. It goes to show that making beautiful objects comes naturally for Aston Martin, putting a bit of pressure on Dyson.

Of course, designing a vacuum cleaner that doesn't need to be functional is less complicated than drawing a working EV, so there's no parity on the difficulty level. Plus, Dyson hasn't shown anything on its 2020 EV, so for all we know, it could be a cracker.

Dyson is yet to reply to the tweet, which could suggest a number of things: either the company is busy working on its project and has no time for this nonsense, it hasn't come up with a good enough response yet, or it's busy working on it.

After the Musk vs. Daimler exchange, it's good to see other carmakers (and, you know, hand dryer makers) finding the time for a little light-hearted chat on social networks. We wouldn't be surprised if, just like the EV expansion, this trend was started by Elon Musk as well.
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