It Might Be Time To Change Your Car's Timing Chain, an Experienced Mechanic Explains Why

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Car Wizard has become widely known on YouTube as one of the coolest, most transparent auto mechanics in the U.S. His love for cars didn’t end when he started the video production side hustle and that’s good news for people everywhere who want to know more about their vehicle or others. Now, continuing his free advice-giving spree, the man is explaining to everyone why making sure the timing chain is A-OK matters – a lot.
Before you read about Car Wizard’s advice, you should find out if your car has a timing chain. Not all vehicles come equipped with this part. Most modern cars, for example, have been moved to timing belts (also known as cambelts) because they’re cheaper to manufacture and maintain or change.

Now, to find out if your car is equipped with a timing chain or belt you ought to discover if the engine has a camshaft. If your vehicle is not a Koenigsegg Gemera or a Mazda RX-8, then it will most likely have a camshaft.

To quickly identify if your car has a timing belt or a timing chain, all you have to do is take a quick look at the engine. More specifically, you must locate the valve cover and check if there’s a separate part encased in a black plastic cover next to it. If that’s the case, then it has a timing belt. These parts need to be replaced regularly, so mechanics must have easy access to them. If the top of the engine block extends the whole way, then your car comes with a timing chain.

Most mechanics and dealerships will tell customers that timing chains are good for the entire life of the car and that they do not need servicing or changing. However, if you want to extend your vehicle’s life expectancy, then you must be aware of possible issues that might arise with this part.

Car Wizard explains that most car manufacturers designed their engines to last around 100,000-150,000 mi (160,000-241,000 km). That’s why he argues it’s good to pay attention to your engine when it starts up after a generous break of at least a couple of hours. In most cases, people don’t listen to their car’s engine and live to regret it. Repairing damage done by a snapped timing chain is expensive. It can even damage the power unit beyond any fix.

Fortunately, you can avoid having a grenaded engine. A cold start in the morning could easily indicate if there’s an issue with the timing chain. If the start’s rough and loud, and the engine makes a clicking noise, then it could be a timing chain problem. The mechanic recommends visiting the service center as soon as possible.

You can watch his video on this topic down below. The auto mechanic shows why he had to replace the timing chain in a VW Beetle and points out how he reached that it was necessary.

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