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Isuzu Recalling 11,000 Rodeo Sport and Amigo SUVs

Salt is used in most of the world’s countries to de-ice roads, and while cheap and relatively efficient, it damages cars’ paint jobs, as well as any exposed metallic components which are untreated. So too is the case with around 11,000 Isuzu SUVs (Rodeo Sport and Amigo built between 1998 - 2001) which are being called back in 21-state recall which was prompted due to a possible breaking away from the body of rear suspension components.
Isuzu Amigo 1999 1 photo
This is caused by the salt (mixed with other chemicals) used to clear the roads sticking to the surface of the suspension brackets on the rear, causing them to break off from the chassis and make the vehicle uncontrollable. This sounds like a serious problem which could easily cause a crash, followed by a lawsuit. The cars will be repaired at Isuzu dealerships in the affected states, where technicians will inspect the suspension components and either treat them with a rustproof compound or weld in an additional strengthening bracket to hold everything in place. We are surprised that Isuzu is recalling such old cars, as their problems could have easily been attributed to old age and not fixed at all.


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