iSmove RV Has All the Best That Europe Offers, but at a Price That'll Make Your Knees Weak

The world is full of RV and motorhome manufacturers, and in the search for the ultimate on-road living machines, we've arrived in Germany. It makes sense, really; this European nation has been at the forefront of automotive manufacturing since, well, ever!
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Photo: Niesmann-Bischoff / Edited by autoevolution
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If you've never heard of Niesmann-Bischoff (NB), then you're in luck! In short, they're considered one of the peak luxury motorhome manufacturers on the other side of the Atlantic, and for good reasons. Their machines are filled with creature comforts aimed at nothing more than the finer things in life. But be warned; they can be wildly expensive!

How expensive? While exploring the machine in question today, the iSmove, I ran across prices as high as €385,000. That's the equivalent of $410,000 (at current exchange rates)! Sure, that's a fully decked-out unit, with nearly everything that NB has available for the lineup, but I think you're starting to get the idea. A bare-bones version, and the smallest variation available, start at around €110,000, or around $117,000. Time to find out why these babies are selling for so much.

Overall, two floorplans are available, so to make things easier to understand, I'll run through a few features that make up the class and help it stand out from other motorhomes you encounter. I will skip over the Fiat Ducato base vehicle and engine options because this bugger is designed to stick to roads. However, with an independent suspension on the front and rear axles, what kind of roads is rather questionable. Just be sure to refrain from embarking upon any off-road use.

iSmove RV Interior
Photo: Niesmann-Bischoff
All that aside, I want you to really absorb the images you see in the gallery. Note how the shell is shaped and how the aluminum/composite panels create a sleek and lustrous finish. Then hop inside and take a seat for the rest of the story. Now, I could sit here and run through a massive list of features and options you'd enjoy, but I have a better idea. How about a little daydream, one where money is no object, and really get a feel for a life lived in an iSmove?

Upon entering the iSmove for the first time, you'll find yourself smackdab in the middle of the living area. You'll be spending most of your time here, so pay attention, please. To your right, at the very front of the space, NB places a set of revolving driver and passenger seats, helping expand the number of guests sitting at the dinner table. Four more guests can take a seat along the folding benches found centered around a modular dinette table. Since this dinette does not double as a sleeping area, an overhead bed lies in wait, integrated into the ceiling.

Toward the rear or left from your current position, the iSmove invites you to whip up three-course meals in an expanding galley with a two-burner top, integrated fridge, and overhead cabinetry, and to stay clean, a wet bath is found on the port wall. Actually, to consider this space, a wet bath is a bit much because a sliding wall allows you to segregate the toilet from the shower space, creating an enclosed cubicle.

Now, most of the images in the gallery showcase an interior that allows you to see clearly from one end of the unit to the other. In truth, the bedroom at the rear hides a neat little trick. While your typical RV is built upon the layout I just mentioned, the iSmove integrates a sliding door that hides behind the bathroom wall. Whenever you want some privacy, pull it to the other side and keep prying eyes out; no shame in not making your bed. Speaking of beds, the area is equipped with two singles that can be transformed into a wall-to-wall surface for resting tired bones. An island bed layout can also be opted for.

iSmove RV
Photo: Niesmann-Bischoff
Take all that, correlate it to the images, and place yourself in the center. Feel the texture of cushions and pillows. Let natural and LED lighting into the space and watch it shine off wooden cabinetry, sliding countertops, and semiprecious metal accents. Some of that light is diffused around the unit with all the panels you see. Go ahead, touch them a bit. Whip up a meal, shower, and lay on the bed. As you do, look at the clouds overhead, made possible by countless skylights scattered all over the unit.

But to make the iSmove or any other RV, for that matter, yours, you need to bring along the goods, gear, and toys that make up your lifestyle. Well, go right ahead because these babies can fit a massive amount of cargo in them. If more than a complete campsite setup with a table and chairs are needed, how about a garage for things like kayaks and e-bikes? Bring along a beach umbrella, lounge chairs, inflatable tubes for floating around, and anything else you can think of. In short, the iSmove will have you literally living out of it, especially once we consider all the safety, electrical, and plumbing systems; a story for another time.

Sure, it will cost a pretty penny, even more than most of us are willing to pay for something like this, but you can see where that cash is going and what sort of lifestyle you can unlock with such a beast. Yes, beast, because that's what this is; an on-road living beast!
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of iSmove model years, interiors, and features.

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