Isle of Man TT Tribute Arai Helmet by Drudi

Italian designer Aldo Drudi has created a limited edition helmet: an Isle of Man TT tribute creation, meant to honor the toughest roar racing event in the world.
Isle of Man TT Tribute Arai Helmet 2 photos
Isle of Man TT Tribute Arai Helmet
However, there's more to this helmets than its neat, tidy retro design: we're talking about a top-drawer Arai RX-7 GP lid, one of the niftiest helmets in its class.

The price is yet another proof we're looking at a premium piece of head gear: the Arai Isle of Man TT edition can be yours for a whopping €1,099 ($1,410)!

And if you thought that Ellan Vannin is the name of a famous TT rider, you'll probably be glad to learn that Ellan Vannin stands for the title of a Manx Gaelic poem, touted the alternative anthem of the island.

So far the Arai RX-7 Isle of Man TT is only available in Europe. Seen on Ride and Read.


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