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Isle of Man 360-Degree Racing Footage Is a Simply Breathtaking Experience

Riding in the Isle of Man is per se an almost mystical experience, even though one is on two wheels as a tourist there. The Mountain Course is a place that's simply oozing road racing heritage and thinking about all the great riders that have written the motorcycling history on those roads.
Isle of Man 360-Degree Racing Footage Is a Simply Breathtaking Experience 3 photos
360fly cameraAlan Cunnigham
Below you can watch what the new camera technology can offer in terms of onboard experience. Traveling to the Snaefell Mountain in the Isle of Man with a motorcycle can represent a very cool thing to do in your summer vacation, but letting loose on that course is not for everyone.

And of course, getting to the point of being involved in some official racing action at the Mountain is a privilege reserved to a handful of lucky guys.

Thanks to 360-degree cameras we now can get a much better glimpse of what racing in the Isle of Man looks like, even though to some, such footage may be less of a palatable visual experience. The video below was shot with a 360fly camera and the even nicer news is that this piece of technology will also become available in major stores this October for an estimated price of $400 (€360).
It's not the first 360-degree video sht on a bike, but this is definitely the first one we got to see on the iconic Mountain Course. We also watched thrilling off-road 360-degree action with Tony Cairoli, the the internet is only getting ready for the new wave of similar footage.

The video was shot on Alan Cunningham's bike during his qualifying ride. Use your arrow keys or mouse to pan and tilt the image, and let yourself absorbed in this incredible sport.


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