Is Yamaha Up for a Cafe Bolt Concept?

CMG has got wind on a possible new move Yamaha might make in the near future: a cafe-racer themed (Star) Bolt!
Cafe Bolt Concept 3 photos
Is Yamaha Up for a Cafe Bolt Concept?Is Yamaha Up for a Cafe Bolt Concept?
This would be a truly awesome idea in case it turns out to be true. While the original Bolt was designed with sense and simplicity in mind to be a convenient platform for customization, seeing the manufacturer taking things in its own hands is really cool.

We've already seen how cool can the Bolt become and Greg Hageman's Scrambler is probably the most stellar example.

Now, Yamaha developing an entire range of different Bolt-based versions is not even such a far cry. The platform is already done, all it takes is have a group of open-minded designers create the bolt-on parts. And the cafe-racer could be just the beginning...

Pretty please, Yamaha!


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