Is This a Verde Kers Lucido Ferrari F12 TDF?

The Ferrari 812 Superfast might be the reigning V12 Maranello machine, but there are still reasons to bring its predecessor back under the spotlight. Let's take the F12 Tour De France that brought us, here, for instance.
Verde Kers Lucido Ferrari F12 TDF 1 photo
The F12 TDF has the kind of spec that easily sets it apart, even when compared with others of its kind.

As you'll be able to notice in the Instagram post at the bottom of the page, the main hue of the super-GT is the one that draws the most attention.

And while we're not 100 percent sure, this might just be Verde Kers Lucido. You know, the hue that was made famous by the 599 HY-KERS concept (here's the machine shining at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show). This gas-electric segment-shaker previewed the LaFerrari back in 2010. Subsequently, only a few Prancing Horse customers were able to have their machines finished in this shade, but we're talking about an option costing close to $30,000.

Returning to the special edition sitting before us, the central stripe also deserves attention. The main part of the design element comes in dark blue, being flanked by white sections.

White has also found its way inside the automobile we have here, as, for instance, this is used for the steering wheel center position marker.

Now, if you happen to be into such special configurations, you might want to check out supercar spec game tag (see below) - we constantly keep an eye out for such go-fast machines and we've already showcased plenty of Ferrar F12 TDF units.

The spec of such a Fezza can make quite a difference in terms of the vehicle's resale value. For instance, we'll remind you of the time when a TDF was listed for $1.5 million. After all, with only 799 units having been brought to the world, it's only natural for the prices to go up.


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