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Is the  Rivian R1T Truck Worth It? Amazon Seems to Think So
We were supposed to have the option of choosing this truck from Rivian at our local dealerships this 2020, but someone ate a bat for dinner, and so 2021 will be the year you can gift the R1T to yourself.

Is the Rivian R1T Truck Worth It? Amazon Seems to Think So

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The highly anticipated R1T Truck will be available to be parked in your garage next year. And it’s about time. With production being delayed due to the global health crisis, some eager beavers have had to delay their winter vacation plans made around this vehicle, because let’s face it, the R1T can definitely take you where you want to go and can do what you want it to. Even Amazon has ordered 100,000 vehicles from Rivian for its plan to convert its delivery fleet by 2030.

Lets just start off with the technical stuff. The R1T has a specifically designed chassis shaped like a skateboard. Just as the name suggests, it looks like the top part of a skateboard. This shape allows for all components to sit below the height of the wheels, giving the R1T that lower center of gravity we all like and the ability to maneuver the way you’ve seen on YouTube.

A lower center of gravity has been achieved in part to the skateboard chassis and the battery pack being placed in such a way as to distribute weight evenly between the wheels, allowing the R1T to stick to the road at high speeds and around corners. And with a 0 to 60 mph (97 kph) time of 3 seconds, this is most necessary.

A key feature in the R1T is the quad-motor tech. This technology gives each wheel an independent ability to apply the needed energy to a specific area in order to keep the vehicle moving in uneven terrain and difficult conditions. Each motor can offer to a single wheel up to 200 hp to get you out of the mess you willingly went into.

Suspension wise, the R1T’s air suspension adjusts to road conditions to by lowering to an eight-inch clearance level for highway driving in order to reduce drag, and raises up to 14 inches off the ground for off-roading. Accompanied with a hydraulic roll system, the R1T will offer you the control needed on or off the main roads.

The battery pack and internal functions of the system, depending on your choice of the 105, 135, or 180 kWh batteries, is able to generate up to 750 HP with a combined torque of 829 lb-ft, allowing you to tow a limit of 11,000 pounds (4990 kilograms). These battery options also allow you to affect the vehicles range. The largest 180kWh battery pack is the one that offers the maximum stats of over 400 miles on range, and that beastly towing capacity.

The rear of the truck has a crossbar system that allows you to mount varies structures to the bed of the truck. perfect for a bike-rack or the exterior tent the R1T allows for. Just perfect for camping out under the stars. In case of blowouts or other tire damage, a problem you wouldn’t have if you get the Uptis when it comes out, there is a storage area with a full-size tire for backup.

A wheel-base of 135.8 inches (345 centimeters), with panel-design of the vehicle, offers an approach angle of 34.8 degrees and departure angle of 30.5, with a breakover angle of 25.7 degrees (off-road mode), rivaling that of the Wrangler. Off-road mode also allows the vehicle to be submerged in a maximum of 42.7 in (108 centimeters) of water, giving you the possibility to cross a flooded junction with no problems.

The R1T has a width of 79.3 in (201 centimeters), and a length of 217.1 in (551 Centimeters), giving the R1T a size similar to that of the F-150.

All models from Rivian, including the R1T, track performance, efficiency, and safety systems with a cloud-based system that is also there to enhance your journey with possible routes, scenic attractions and changes in road conditions.

But let’s not forget there is an interior to this little beauty too. A challenge all new vehicle manufacturers face must is giving their vehicles that distinguishable look. And I must say, the gods are pleased with this creation. The front of the R1T is just downright cute. But cute in a Wall-E kind-a way. Ready and able to get dirty. The interior too, was created with the dirty outdoors in mind. It too waits to tell the stories of your adventures to your friends.

You can get one of these boys for a base price of $69,000, tax credit not included.


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