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Is the Rivian R1T the Love Child of Polestar and Subaru?

An EV pickup truck with 835 HP, lots of useful features, and four motors - one for each wheel? Sign me up! There are enough reasons to get excited, but here’s what Canadians have to say about it. Somehow Polestar and Subaru ended up in the mix.
Rivian R1T the love child of Polestar and Subaru 6 photos
The Rivian R1T - the love child of Subaru and PolestarThe Rivian R1T - the love child of Subaru and PolestarThe Rivian R1T - the love child of Subaru and PolestarThe Rivian R1T - the love child of Subaru and PolestarThe Rivian R1T - the love child of Subaru and Polestar
There are certainly enough motives for anyone to think this vehicle has promise. Even if we’re talking about people that have just a mild interest in cars, this Rivian is something that fires up the desire to explore. You want to know what’s all the fuss about. The starting price ($67,500 USD, $90,000 CAD) is certainly one thing to remember.

Being tied with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and George Soros now too, and after impressive U.S. reviews, this R1T is starting to slowly gather as much fandom as Tesla did with its Model S, 3, X and Y! Sadly, the Cybertruck is nowhere to be found yet.

The talented and hard-working boys at Throttle House got their hands on the Rivian R1T pickup truck and put it to work. They think the Rivian model has a great color, it looks brilliant because it’s different, but point out the weight is just bonkers: 7000 lbs (3,1 tons)! When asked about the battery package, company representatives said “they don’t want to focus on that.” We honestly understand them. This pickup truck is on hell of a ride, and it proves that EV pickup travelling or exploring don’t have to be worrisome.

One of the hosts, James, even goes further with his opinion about the car and says the R1T is the product of a marriage between a Subaru and Polestar. So, this answers our question: this EV pickup truck is not a love child, but a legitimate heir to two very different worlds.

Thomas immediately agrees with him and says this made-up marriage is a good one because it unites under one roof core philosophies that most people love.

Both guys think the infotainment is somewhat similar to Tesla’s system, which, again, marks a win for the R1T. The only problem is – no CarPlay or Android Auto. Moreover, the reverse cameras are of poor quality.

The Rivian R1T is definitely the hot stuff now and the company must deliver more vehicles to its customers. Waiting too long might leave the door open for the likes of Chevy Silverado or even GMC Hummer with its crab walk capability. Until further developments, as James said in the video down below, we agree too that the R1T is a match made in Heaven for luxury and electric vehicles.

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Editor's note: Gallery shows photos of the 2022 Rivian R1T.


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