Is the MG Icon Crossover Testing in America?

Here’s a head-scratches for you, a prototype filmed somewhere in North America that we really can’t identify. It’s from a Youtube user named MaxSpeedMedia, who usually shows us Corvettes, Vipers and all that good stuff.
But this is quite obviously not American. In fact, no American automaker has an interest in producing a car this size right now, and the Europeans and Japanese don’t ever test these cars in the US first, since that’s not their primary market.

ANd so, the logical conclusion would be that this is Chinese or Indian. Right from the start you can tell this hatchback isn’t exactly going to be a major success story, but what is it?

We thing its the production prototype for the MG Icon. It’s got the same lower bumper with that ugly bulge, the same imposing chrome bar at the top and the and the same (ugly) rounded headlights.

This is likely based on the same platform as the MG5 and the Chinese market Roewe and is supposed to be powered by a 1.5-liter turbo petrol with 140 horsepower. That might sound interesting, but no matter what the price is, we don’t give it that much of a chance in the US.


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