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Is the BMW 3 Series Still a Premium Car?

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that ever since the E21 3 Series came out it was an instant best-seller. The question is, in 38 years, did the 3er change anything in its premium build quality?
BMW F30 3 Series 5 photos
BMW F30 3 SeriesBMW F30 3 SeriesBMW F30 3 SeriesBMW F30 3 Series
The latest 3er, the F30, is competing with cars that already have some experience on the market, like the 6-year old A4 and the 2010 Volvo V60, whilst the C-Class is almost 7 years old and ready to be replaced.

With basically only 5 engines and power outputs varying from 114 to 306 HP, the range is well covered and anyone can find the perfect size for its needs. The transmission options include 6-speed manuals and 8-speed automatic versions and can be hooked up to rear-wheel-drive or xDrive systems.

A lot of years passed from the release of the E21 and today certain features are expected on a premium car, features like driving modes that would allow you to save gas and the environment at the same time. The current 3 series has these and will return impressive fuel consumption numbers.

Another premium feature that comes as standard is the automatic tailgate for Touring and GT models. The Heads-Up Display will also come in handy and, even though it isn't standard for the moment, it should be in the years to come.

Looking over the list of optional features available for the F30 3er, you'll see that there aren't many things that you can't get on this car. From the adaptive xenon headlights up to the iDrive system you'll be able to get everything you need inside the cabin of your BMW.

Overall, yes, BMW kept the premium feel of the 3 Series alive even after almost 40 years of history. Of course, all this quality and premium features will come at a price (and some will argue that it is too much), but that's only to be expected.


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