Is The Black Stig Doing a Comeback?

The whole “who is The Stig?” scenario has turned from a way out of proportion story to a regular automotive soap opera. Yesterday, a curious video surfaced on YouTube, depicting a Black Stig-like character emerging from the North Sea.

The video presents a group of seven people, including the person filming, who is apparently hanging out on the beach and passing a soccer ball from one to another. A masked racing driver posing a very similar stature with The Black Stig comes out of the sea just like Poseidon and starts walking towards the camera.

The similarity to the original Stig, who was played by Perry McCarthy, is uncanny and every detail is there: the black racing overalls, the black Simpson helmet and missing a right glove. The last detail brings memories of the time when he was killed in 2003, while his right glove remained floating on the water.

The video was apparently accompanied by a “press release” stating: “until now, the original Stig from BBC Top Gear was thought to have been killed back in 2003, when he drove a modified Jaguar XJS off the end of HMS Invincible aircraft carrier at 109mph. . . The nation was shocked that the Stig was dead. However, recent footage has been found on YouTube showing that he miraculously survived.”

The release continued humorously: “how he survived, nobody knows. Some believe he used the nitrous octane equipment from the Jag to breathe. Some believe he can communicate with dolphins and they cared for him. Has he returned because he can sense White Stig has had his identity exposed?”

During the video, the website appears but there's nothing on it just yet. The site is parked by the UK domain company Easily Limited, so no BBC connection so far. If this proves to be a viral announcing a Black Stig comeback remains to be seen, but the most obvious conclusion so far might be the fact that this is just a pretty elaborate hoax, considering the details. We'll keep you posted if any more details start to pop up.

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