Is Putin Disappointed of Russia’s New Robot?

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Russia's Avatar robotRussia's Avatar robotRussia's Avatar robotRussia's Avatar robotRussia's Avatar robot
Like it or not the future is less human and more machine, as in most of us will probably be spending more time with robots than we do now with our laptops. At first, they’ll do the dirty jobs for us, then they’re slowly going to become part of our everyday activity. That’s why the big countries are investing a lot of money to create the best models. So far, however, Russia seems to come second, if not third in this game.
Forget about intelligent cars that park themselves, lose the eager for autonomous cars and throw away any wishes for a world filled with electric vehicles! People, this is the 21st century, we’re talking about how smart and autonomous robots can get, how good are the new machines at answering questions, at walking independently and at lifting very heavy stuff.

Heck, you can even buy a rideable and user-operated robot online, in Japan. We’re talking about the Kuratas, a giant boarding robot created by company Suidobashi Heavy Industry in 2012 and that is currently on sale on Amazon Japan. If you have one million bucks, you can get one for yourself and use it to commute instead of driving a car.

Then, take our government’s robots challenge. The DARPA competition will end with this June’s finals when a total of $3,5 million in prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers. Some of the teams are using the Atlas robot, a 6-foot-2 (1.88 meters) machine weighing 345 pounds (156,5 kilograms) capable of one hour of “mixed mission” operation that includes walking, standing, use of tools and other movements.

Russia is planning to send a robot to the International Space Station

Meanwhile, in Russia, engineers just unveiled their creation in the matter. Sure, Russia’s military is building autonomous tanks, unmanned vehicles and other weapons we probably don’t even know of.

But it was not about that the other day, when Vladimir Putin visited a testing area of the Central Scientific-Research Institute outside Moscow which hosts the Advanced Research Foundation (ARF). According to Russia Today, ARF is an analogue of the Pentagon’s DARPA and has been working on developing modern advanced technology weapons systems since 2012.

The Russian president was shown a combat robot. Not a lot of details are available, but it would seem the robot is capable of autonomously shooting targets and riding an ATV. The avatar robot is a result of collaboration between the ARF and Android Technics and its development began as a space industry program to engineer a cyborg for operating on board the International Space Station.

Even though the Russian president said that “everything I’ve seen today confirms our colleagues are on the right path to achieve the desired objectives,” looking at RT’s video report we listed below Putin seems rather disappointed.

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