Is Living Vehicle's 2024 Travel Trailer Lineup the Best There Is? Maybe, and So Much More

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For the past few years, we've seen a different kind of RV appear on the scene. I'm talking about all-electric machines. In particular, Living Vehicle and their complete on-road lifestyle solutions. Well, they just unveiled their 2024 lineup, and it's, it's, it's... I have no words, and as a writer, that's a problem.
Just kidding, I have more than enough words to say about the 2024 Living Vehicle (LV) lineup that I could write page after page about what's happening with this one. However, I'll do my best to sum up the fresh machines. If you've heard of Living Vehicle before, you might have some idea of what these on-road homes offer. If you don't, this is going to be a real treat.

Now, I found out about the new lineup from a press release that LV unleashed recently, but what really got my attention were the words, "The Most Powerful, Solar-Powered, All-Electric Luxury Travel Trailer on Earth." Anytime a manufacturer makes such a claim, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm exploring what's going on.

To kick things off for the new lineup, you need to consider a few things. The first is that two versions are available, the LT and HD, and both have up to three variations, each more decked out than the last. However, to show the extent to which LV took things, let's focus on the biggest and most equipped versions available, the HD with a Pro trim package. To give you an idea of what you can expect, 49 pages of brochure information on these luxury habitats and their abilities.

2024 HD and LT \(Left to Right\)
Photo: Living Vehicle
The most important aspect of how LV does things is its focus on a green and utterly eco-friendly RV. So, to deliver a habitat that eliminates your electric power anxiety, LV equips the biggest of these travel trailers with a 72 kWh energy storage system. That's around five times more than an average two-bedroom home will use daily.

But off-grid living is more than just pulling into a trailer park and juicing up for the next leg of the journey, and LV might believe the same because the top of this luxury mobile cave is fit with an "All-Solar-Roof" that includes two awnings with 4.4 kW of processing power. With the other little panels available, the processing capacity is raided to 6 kW. I had a question on how we're supposed to feed those 72 kWh, but that explains it. To summarize this leg of the journey, the new LVs are "an autonomous, electric-powered living solution, starting with a foundation of renewable solar energy."

Oh, and if you use the manufacturer's configurator to craft a personalized habitat, there's even an option for a water generation system, supplied in collaboration with Watergen, that takes in air and can generate up to 5 gals of water a day. This is the point where I wish I could integrate that mind-blown meme into an article because that's just... well, mind-blowing.

2024 HD Interior Option
Photo: Living Vehicle
With the life-giving systems out of the way, it's time to continue this story with the living standards you can expect from the interior. To help sum things up, Chief Creative Officer Joanna Hofmann has these words for us, "Imagine being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and having all the amenities of a 5-star hotel, such as a king bed, spa-style rain shower, and a chef-designed kitchen." Check out the gallery for the clearest example of what that means.

What attracted me most to how these buggers are designed and built is the resulting space available in each area. This is achieved with a focus on a modular design that allows you to unfurl all the activities you'd partake in during a year's worth of living. For example, this unit includes a drop-down patio that's perfect for relaxing, some yoga, and even sunbathing. The kitchen even comes with a removable island to be used outdoors. The interior lounge doubles as a sleeping space for guests, or whoever gets the proverbial couch, and an option allows you to transform your bedroom into a workspace.

All that's then arranged with simplicity and functionality in mind, highlighted with semi-precious metals and natural and synthetic lighting, and crafted with "beyond sustainable" materials. Wrap that up in an all-aluminum exterior the likes of an Airstream on steroids, and you have yourself the 2024 lineup of LV habitats and year-round living machines.

2024 HD Bedroom
Photo: Living Vehicle
To sum up all that the 2024 lineup has to offer, all I have to say is that we can no longer call the modern camper a "recreational" vehicle. These things are downright homes on two or three axles that even raise living to the next level, one that's not often seen in most homes. After all, very few folks lead a fully solar-powered lifestyle.

One question remains unanswered: How much can we expect to pay for the cheapest and most expensive of the bunch? Well, let's play a game, shall we? Before reading the next paragraph, leave a comment on how much you think these buggers are going to cost. Once you've done that, carry on.

I was not surprised to end up on the manufacturer's website and run into a starting price for the 2024 HD with a Pro trim of a solid $640,000, and that's not a typo. Again, this is a starting rate, so you can really take things much further than this with countless options and extras. The least expensive HD layout is the Core trim, starting at $460,000. As for the LT, the smaller, lighter, and more affordable of the two newly launched classes, here we can get our hands on a Pro trim for $540,000, and a core trim starts at $360,000.

All I have to say about this is that I may need to find a different career if I want to save up the cash to own something like this. I wonder if I can use it as a tax write-off for my business expenses. Not that I have a business, but maybe you do, in which case you can run it out of a 2024 Living Vehicle HD or LT.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase both the 2024 LT and HD models, and a 2023 Living Vehicle model for comparison.

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