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Is Justin Bieber Banned From Ever Buying a Ferrari Again?

Several publications are now claiming that Ferrari has blacklisted Justin Bieber from buying its cars in the future. Why? Because he reportedly violated its code of ethics and ownership terms with his Ferrari 458 Italia.
Justin Bieber's Ferrari 458 Italia 8 photos
Justin Bieber's Ferrari 458 ItaliaJustin Bieber's Ferrari 458 ItaliaJustin Bieber's Ferrari 458 ItaliaJustin Bieber's Ferrari 458 ItaliaJustin Bieber's Ferrari 458 ItaliaJustin Bieber's Ferrari 458 ItaliaJustin Bieber's Ferrari 458 Italia
Italian publication Il Giornale was among the first to break the story, claiming the Canadian pop singer is no longer welcome to purchase a Ferrari from the Maranello brand.

You might wonder, why? What is it that makes a brand ban you from ever purchasing its products again? According to the same outlet, the “Love Yourself” singer did the unthinkable: disrespected Ferrari’s code of ethics and ownership terms.

It’s all related to Bieber’s Ferrari 458 Italia, the second Ferrari he purchased all the way back in 2011. He had previously bought an F430 when he was 16. When he purchased it, the supercar was white. But not long after, he took it to famous car customizers West Coast Customs for a complete remodeling.

Given that Ferrari means elegance, style, but also ethics and code, one of the many terms that come with owning one of their vehicles (they won’t just sell it to anyone, you know, even if you have the cash) is that you’re not allowed to tamper with the engine, make bodywork modifications, have ludicrous paintwork, or cover the badge. All the customization should come from Ferrari-approved dealerships, too.

But after WCC was done with the 458, Bieber’s Ferrari was now electric blue and fitted with a Liberty Walk widebody kit, 20” Forgiato alloy wheels, custom lug nuts, and had the color of the logo on the steering wheel changed. He didn’t alter the engine, though.

There was also a negligence incident involving the 458, because Biebs forgot where he parked it at the Montage Hotel in Beverley Hills, finding it three weeks later with the help of an assistant. Not long after, Bieber auctioned it off, fetching $434,500.

It looks like Justin Bieber hasn’t treated his Prancing Horse like the special pony it was, so – if the reports are correct – he won’t be able to get a new one anymore. We have no idea whether that is actually true, because no quotes from dealers, Ferrari officials, or Bieber’s team confirmed the story.

Given that there are plenty of other modified Ferraris out there, it doesn’t sound like Bieber’s actions could lead to a ban from the Italian brand. Plus, it’s not like the pop star couldn’t get someone else to buy one for him, although it doesn’t look like Ferrari is Bieber’s brand of choice, often opting for Lamborghini. If that is true, though, Biebs wouldn't be the first banned celeb. He would join Kim Kardashian, Nicolas Cage, Tyga, and 50 Cent.


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