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Is Husqvarna Dying?

Bad news from Husqvarna, as GPOne and A&R report: the Husqvarna operations in Varese, Italy have been brought to a halt, after major problems have been discovered.
We may see the end of Husqvarna 1 photo
Husqvarna has recently changed hands from BMW to Pierer Industries AG, the company owned by KTM CEO Stephan Pierer. Pierer Industries has announced that the factory will be closed as of April 22nd, but gave no info on whether and when will things be running once more. All 211 workers employed by Husqvarna have been laid off, and only some 30 people in the marketing and sales departments have been kept in their positions.

A very big problem is represented by the +11k bikes which are currently in stock and have rather small prospects for reaching the customers' garages any time soon. To this huge number of bikes, we should add the already 3-4,000 units already manufactured this year.

Pierer Industries publicly stated that Husqvarna is still selling and offering service for the whole range of bikes, including the three recent ones: Terra, Strada 650 and Nuda 900 ABS. It seems like dark times are about to come if the actual owners of the brand can't find viable solutions.

After 5 weeks of assessing the real situation at Husqvarna, Pierer Industries officials claim things are far worse than BMW described, but no official action (other than closing down the plant for now) was mentioned.

We can only wait and hope things will be better, though without customers spending money and actually buying large quantities of the stocked bikes, good times are really far.

Some speculate that KTM CEO just wanted Husqvarna out of the way, and using whatever technologies are fit for further development in KTM bikes then letting the brand die was the initial plan, altogether.


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