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Is a $50,000 Ferrari 458 Problem a Blessing in Disguise, Perhaps?

Emelia Hartford is famous for many things. In the car scene, she’s respected for her 1,500 HP Chevrolet C8 Corvette, nicknamed Phoenix. She recently got a Ferrari 458 at a bargain, but not without a few issues. Car enthusiasts love problematic cars, and for Hartford this might be the one that finally takes her mind off the C8 for a while.
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Emelia Hartford Ferrari 458Emelia Hartford Ferrari 458Emelia Hartford Ferrari 458Emelia Hartford Ferrari 458Emelia Hartford Ferrari 458
The Ferrari 458 has an interesting history. In 2009, it emerged from the gates of Maranello and replaced the F430. With it came a new design and advanced tech, making it a fun car to drive.

The 458 Italia is a mix of Enzo Ferrari and the  Millechili concept cars that have resulted in a lightweight track demon. It comes with a ferocious 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 producing 562 HP at a nerve-wracking 9,000 rpm. Pushed hard to the limit, the 458 will hit a 202 mph top speed.

In 2015, this Italian track-hog had a retail price of $235,340. Emelia Hartford's 458, on the other hand, was $140,000 - a steal if you ask me (but not without problems).

Hartford’s Ferrari problem doesn't have anything to do with the car's suspension or service history. It is a dasboard warning. If you know anything about cars then you understand a dashboard warning on a Ferrari could mean two things, a cheap $5 dollar fix or thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket expenses.

Hartford’s Ferrari has a starter warning when she turns on the car. Don’t get me wrong, it runs fine but will issue warning each time she cranks it. Well, that pop-up warning cut about $90,000 off her buying price.

Here’s the kicker, she’s just got an offer and could sell the 458 for $190,000 if she fixes the starter issue. Instead, she’s taking that money and getting herself a widebody kit. Not just any widebody kit, but a Liberty Walk Silhouette GT kit.

A Liberty Walk Silhouette GT widebody kit costs around $35,000 and will have a rad effect on the 458. She’s promised to start cutting the fenders immediately after SEMA 2021 and a NASCAR race. Let’s hope she can fix the starter issue first.

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