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Iron Man-Like Helicopter Concept Shows the Tesla Sigil
What you are about to be informed about is nothing more than a conceptual design. However, if Hollywood got a taste of this, it could just star in the next Iron Man movie, if there will be one.

Iron Man-Like Helicopter Concept Shows the Tesla Sigil

Tesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H ConceptTesla H Concept
We are simply looking at a helicopter, but if that rotor on top was missing, we could very well say it’s some sort of mechanical shark. This design is from the mind of Antonio Paglia, an architect and designer from Milano, Italy, with a taste for anything fast. By the information provided on his Behance page, the shapes, lines, and color scheme all hint he is a fan of Iron Man.

But for a moment, let's say the color scheme wasn’t like any found in the Iron Man movies. Would we still feel this way? Probably not. Just to understand this, we’ve put some photos in the gallery for contrast. These too are variations by Paglia, and we can see that the movie superhero association disappears. It ends up looking like one giant hornet afterward.

Nevertheless, it is a design that has a few tricks up its sleeve. From the very first photo we saw, the giant exoskeleton that engulfs the underside of the carriage is what jumps into view. But that undercarriage isn’t just for show. By the looks of it, it serves some sort of aerodynamic purpose. However, if we look closely, we can see four rotors, two on each side of that... I'm going to call it a lip? Yeah. Lip sounds good. These rotors must have some sort of maneuvering ability, otherwise what the heck could they be for? On this lip we can also see the front landing gear which lowers and raises when needed.

Once we start to travel towards the tail of the chopper, we begin to see even more exoskeletal components. Another lip-like part is strapped with two fins that should help offer stability and aerodynamics. At the rear of this carbon fiber tail, where we can also find the tail rotor, we see another added component with more fins for maneuvering.

O.K. So what with all the fins and exoskeleton stuff? Well, the main giveaway as to what all these fins are meant for comes from the two large ones that are included directly into the carriage design. Just like fins on a shark help guide water over its body, so do these help guide air all around the aircraft. But unlike the rest of this Tesla design, these two main fins also include the vehicle's landing gear.

But why is the Tesla brand strapped onto this concept? Nobody knows. All comm channels towards the designer seem to be off at this time. However, knowing the way Tesla does things, we can safely assume that it’s probably electric. If that’s the case, we can also consider this design as an eVtol? Maybe.

Rather, it’s more like a hybrid concept to help us transition from our ever-lasting helicopters to something more advanced and cooler-looking. For now, however, this concept will remain just that, a concept. But who knows who may be inspired from this and before we know it, one part or another may be found on future helicopter models.


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