Irok Is Fleetwood's Only Class B RV and It's Adorned With Year-Round Living Luxuries

Whenever an RV manufacturer only builds one of something, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be the peak of what's possible. This is the case with the 2023 Irok Class B RV from Fleetwood. What they did here is cram all the comforts and features of their luxury Class A motorhomes into a smaller but no less alluring mobile habitat.
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Photo: REV Group / Edited by autoevolution
2023 Irok Interior2023 Irok Interior (Bedroom)2023 Irok Interior (Lounge)2023 Irok Galley2023 Irok Cab2023 Irok Galley2023 Irok Interior
Folks, the name Fleetwood RV has been a name synonymous with mobile living for over 65 years. However, Fleetwood is now focused on luxurious and extremely equipped motorhomes. Typically, Class A machines. They've ensured their survival by creating true rolling caves worthy of the title home and by teaming up with the REV Group of companies.

While exploring their lineup, I noticed that there's only one Class B RV in their lineup, so I decided to bring it to light. The main reason is that Fleetwood poured all their know-how into the 2023 Irok. And that knowledge is all about fine mobile living. Hang on to your wallets for this one because it packs a punch.

Now, a Class B RV is nothing new, but the features and luxuries packed into the Irok help it stand apart from just about everything else that's out there. Oh, and this level of comfort and customization carries a hefty price. While it's hard to pinpoint a specific price for a new model because of features in place, units can be found priced around the $170K (€158K at current exchange rates) and higher range. Again, this all depends on the features in store, but I've yet to find units under this price. Starting to get the idea?

Upon seeing this RV for the first time, I felt like I was checking out a Class A machine. This makes sense considering Fleetwood's specialty is RVs of this nature. Above all, I want you to take in what you see in the image gallery. Notice the layout, leather seating, overhead bins, and even the dashboard of this Ram chassis.

2023 Irok Interior
Photo: REV Group
Did you notice how nothing is missing? How there's a galley, a wet bath, and even a lounge that doubles as a bedroom? All that makes up the Irok. But there are plenty of features that the images don't show. So, to get a feel for those, we're going to pretend we own one of these units.

Now, you've paid the price, filled up the gas tanks, loaded up your gear, and hit the road. Where to? Well, all that depends on your itinerary. Personally, you'll find me as far away from civilization as possible and at the base of some rock walls or cliffs. I like to climb, boulder, and trek. Maybe you're into fly fishing and whatnot. It's your daydream; make it what you wish.

All that sounds nice, but it doesn't quite sum up the Irok. No. This one is more for those who want a unit to live out of, not take occasional trips into the wild. This is why there's a water heater in this puppy, an Espar furnace, a generator, and a 2,000 W inverter. There are solar panels as standard, deep cycle batteries, and shore power hookups. 28 gallons (106 liters) of freshwater should be enough for two people for a couple of days or so, but I didn't spot a water filtration system.

What is clear is that the Irok is built for year-round living. How do I know this? According to the manufacturer's brochure, a "complete insulation package" is in place. Sure, it could be clearer just how low of temperatures the unit will handle, but whenever you use the word "complete" and charge me over $170K for an RV, it better keep me in my underwear while there's a snowstorm outside.

With essential features out of the way, let's see what living might feel like. I want you to picture waking up in the middle of nowhere with the sound of birds outside your unit. If you didn't crack a window overnight, the chances of you hearing anything outside are slim to none. With eyes half-shut, you can literally extend your hand out of bed and turn on the stove to heat the kettle you left on the stove the night before. Back to sleep until the whistle blows.

2023 Irok Interior \(Bedroom\)
Photo: REV Group
Minutes later, your steaming alarm clock wakes you and your partner, and it's time to set up the cabin for daily living. This includes stowing part of the bed to unveil two face-to-face lounge seats. One floor plan includes a third at the rear. Throw open the rear doors and let some fresh air inside. All the while, your tea is infusing.

You climb out of the Irok to ensure that the perimeter is clear of critters while your loved one takes up the bathroom for a few moments. Later, roles are reversed. With morning duties out of the way, you each grab a cup of tea, climb out of the Irok, and take in the day's new dawn. Since the weather is clearing up around the world and this year's green is in full bloom, there's no better time to start exploring.

From here, the rest of your day unfolds however you planned. Don't worry; there are plenty of interior and exterior storage options to bring along gear, food, and tools, and if you grab a bike or roof rack, there's no telling what you can do. Best of all, once you've grown tired of the space you've been hanging out in for the last few days, pack up your gear and go. The true benefit of off-grid living.

One other benefit of living out of something like this is the money you'll save. I've spoken to countless Class B owners and full-time nomads, and all have stated that this is one way to help you put aside some of your hard-earned finances. In time, it adds up. I know it seems a bit counterintuitive to dish out this much cash for a mobile home, but if it's built right, has a solid warranty, and a team with over 65 years of experience, wink-wink, you should be able to achieve what owners of such RVs have been raving about for years.
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