Iranian Pickup Driver Loses It, Goes All Carmageddon

You're probably familiar with the story of the two goats that met on a narrow bridge. None of them would back up, so they ended up in a fight, the both fell into the stream and drowned.
Iranian crazy pickup driver 7 photos
Photo: LiveLeak screenshot
Crazy Iranian pickup driverCrazy Iranian pickup driverCrazy Iranian pickup driverCrazy Iranian pickup driverCrazy Iranian pickup driverCrazy Iranian pickup driver
We hear a lot of wisdom-filled anecdotes during our childhoods, but none of them is more useful than this one once we start driving. We might not come across that many narrow bridges (or goats, for that matter), but those who spend most of their time in a city will be faced with their fair share of tight streets.

Luckily, the city planners have read the goat story too so they are usually careful and make them one-way streets, but sometimes it's just not up to them. There are moments when a certain area gets filled with cars - for instance when the kids finish school and parents come to pick them up. That can turn a relatively spacious street into an obstacle-filled course.

Other stories our parents told us when we were little taught us how to deal with these situations as well: in brief, we do it in a polite and civil manner. We understand we can't do anything to change how things are and so we're trapped there, just like all the other drivers. It's up to us to turn this unpleasant situation into an even more difficult one, or work together and find the best way out.

Well, it seems not everybody has had the childhood you and I enjoyed. When we were finding out what Winnie the Pooh was up to next, this Iranian pickup driver was probably browsing LiveLeak for the latest snuff clip. That's one way to explain (because you'd be hard-pressed to justify it) his behavior, the other being that he's just had a very bad day. The worst.

Watching the clip, you can't help but wonder if all of it wouldn't have been avoided if the Hyundai had stopped just three feet earlier and closer to the car on the right. Instead, the driver of the Korean car must have imagined the pickup would wait for him to pass, so he only braked when it became obvious that wasn't going to happen.

We don't have any information to support this, but all the signs would suggest that this was indeed a one-way street - apart from its width, the fact all parked cars are pointing in the direction the pickup is coming from is a very good indication he was in the wrong.

What we find very surprising is the difficulty with which the other witnesses, drivers or otherwise, realize they're dealing with a special situation. They don't seem too eager to reverse out of the madman's way, and the woman of that white Renault Logan that's coming out of a garage nearly gets run over when he tries to back out and crashes into the green van. We don't get to see the end, but it would probably make it in one of those videos the pickup driver was watching when he was little.

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