Iranian Gov't and Khodro Ready to Build World's Largest Multi-Fuel Vehicle Fleet on Earth

Khodro of Iran may not yet be a global household name on the international stage of automakers. But the nearly 60-year-old native Iranian auto firm is about to be as crucial to sustainable transportation over there as any big multinational firm.
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Photo: Tehran Times
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It was announced recently that the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum and Khodro had agreed to a deal worth in excess of $20 million to produce a fleet of at least 45,000 petroleum and CNG fuel capable vehicles. At that strength, such a fleet would account for the largest multi-fuel capable automotive fleet anywhere in the world.

Under the current arrangement, Khodro will produce up to 40,000 taxis and 5,000 pickup trucks in this configuration. All can accept either standard unleaded petroleum or compressed natural gas with a minimum of hassle or headaches transitioning between one or the other. Like with electric vehicles in other parts of the world, the Iranian government intends to subsidize multi-fuel vehicles in the future and incentivize its citizens to convert their daily drivers to dual-fuel capability.

It's hoped that $505 back for pickup trucks and $425 for four-door taxis will be a dealbreaker for a populace that's coming of age and needs wheels very quickly indeed. It's also thought that new Iranian CNG vehicles will be completely compliant with the latest Euro 4 and Euro 5 emissions standards.

Iran has a larger network of CNG-powered vehicles than any other nation on Earth. PressTV has reported that of the 16 million or so CNG vehicles on roads around the world, Iran accounts for over four million of that count. Improvements in fuel efficiency over petroleum are hoped to save Iranians billions in fuel costs. Still, one must wonder if this nationwide effort is a stop-gap measure before electric vehicles or if the Iranian government feels this is a long-term solution.
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