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iPhones Could Lock Drivers Out of Their Cars, And They Won’t Be Allowed to Complain

Drinking and driving continue to be a major problem all over the world, and the one that could eventually tackle it in a more efficient manner could be the phone in your pocket.
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Apple has recently patented new technology that would allow an iPhone, an Apple Watch, or any other connected accessory to play the role of a breathalyzer.

As anyone could guess already, this capability would make it possible for an Apple device to figure out if you’ve been drinking or not and whether you should be allowed to get behind the wheel.

In case you think that an iPhone won’t be able to do anything to prevent driving under the influence, well, you’d better think again.

Not a long time ago, Apple announced Digital Car Keys, a feature that allows an iPhone to double as a car key. In other words, the iPhone (and now the Apple Watch, too) can replace traditional car keys and let users unlock the doors of their cars and start the engine.

You should already see where this is going. If the Apple device determines a high level of blood alcohol, it could lock drivers out of their cars, and of course, they wouldn’t even be allowed to complain, given the whole thing happens for a good reason.

The patent was discovered recently, and it describes a backup system that would allow a driver to prove they’re totally capable of getting behind the wheel. The system includes various tests, including dexterity challenges and mental tests, that someone who’s been drinking might not be able to pass.

Of course, everything sounds great on paper, but at the end of the day, it’s important to keep in mind the whole thing is still in the patent stage right now. In other words, it’s still an idea that’s very far from mass production just yet, but don’t be too surprised if it makes its way to the highly anticipated Apple Car due in 2025.


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