iPhone 5 Car Connection: Incompatibility Possible

Convincing automakers to create a standard for anything is one of the most difficult things in the industry,but some efforts have been made, especially for areas like is plug-in electric vehicles and smartphone connections.
BMW 3-Series iphone integration 1 photo
However, it’s not just the auto industry that needs to cooperate, but also the developers on the other side. For this piece of news, we’ll zoom in on Apple, which might switch to a new, 19-pin cable for the iPhone 5. And while this might have its benefits, the move would also mean leaving the current 30-pin connector behind, after it took years for many carmakers to integrate this connection into their cars.

It all started in 2004, when BMW introduced it, with the Bavarians being followed by names likw VW, AUdi, Kia, Hyundai and Nissan. Yes, the iPhone 5 should be compatible with the aforementioned cars’ standards by using an USB connection and your Bluetooth one, but still, this is annoying, so let’s hope that it stays just a rumor.



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