Ionity-Charging Audi e-tron Just Got a Lot More Expensive

It’s been two weeks now since Ionity, a European group in charge of some 400 stations, decided to switch the way it charges its customers from a fixed-rate to a kWh-based model. For people who do not drive BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, or Ford cars, that generally spells trouble.
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Current Ionity Audi e-tron charging pricesIonity Audi e-tron charging prices from February 1, 2020
Not long ago, Ionity announced that as of February 1, the 8 EUR per charging session currently paid by EV owners would turn into 0.79 EUR / kWh. In essence, that means charging rates from Ionity become, in some cases, 394 percent higher when compared to Tesla’s Supercharger.

At the time of this announcement, Ionity hinted there would be some perks for owners of electric cars that belong to the company’s founders. It was unclear until now what those perks might be, but on Monday, January 27, Audi spilled the beans.

Presently, there are two different rates for e-tron owners. Charging the car using the City rate costs €4.95 / month, while the Transit plan costs €17.95 / month. In both cases, there’s no extra charge for anything else, according to the company’s website.

As of February 1 though, things get trickier. And much more expensive.

For City subscribers, in addition to the fixed fee, Ionity adds a sum for each charging process, namely €7.95 for AC up to 22 kW, and €9.95 for DC up to 150 kW. Upwards of 150 kW, ad-hoc price per kW would be added.

The same happens for the Transit subscribers, the only difference being that if a car is charged from a high-power station, the rates that will apply will be €0.31 / kWh.

For the sake of argument, we’ll assume you are a German who owns an e-tron Sportback with a drained 71 kWh battery, and you plan to charge it to 100 percent, ultra-fast. You also own a Transit subscription.

Whereas up until now you’d have paid nothing except for the monthly fee of €17.95, now you’ll have to add on top of that another €22 if you go for a high-power fast charger. And that’s every time you charge the damn thing.

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