Introducing the BMW 7 Series in Camo, for now – Video

bmw 7 series 1 photo
It seems like BMW is running out of patience as well as us. That’s the only explanation we could find to why they are teasing the hell out of us right now, releasing all sorts of videos with the car. One of the first ones to hit the web features Chris Brow and he’s telling us as much as he can about the future flagship.
Don’t worry, unfortunately, the car is still covered in this initial video so your heart rate can go down a couple notches now. However, we do get to see some of the features everyone is talking about these days in video.
We won’t tell you exactly what he’s talking about in the video but we will tell you some details about the tech the new model will bring to the table. The most important one that will probably shape future cars as well is gesture recognition.
Just like modern TVs these days, the new 7 Series has a built-in sensor that recognizes the gestures you make. Therefore, you can now simply point to the screen of mimic a swipe while driving and the car will understand your commands.
This was put in place mostly to help reduce the distraction of drivers while behind the wheel. That’s because there’s been an uproar in the number of deaths caused by distracted driving lately, on both sides of the barricade.
Another interesting feature of the future model will be the ability to park itself without human occupants whatsoever. Imagine that you line-up your car to a parking spot or a narrow garage and then you walk out, press a button and it slides itself into place automatically. That’s pretty cool in our book and it might prove useful in crowded garages.
There are plenty more neat feats planned for the 7er but we’ll let you watch this introductory video for now and talk about the rest later.


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