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Introducing Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari... Dinghy by SACS

Ever wanted to own a dinghy in the same colors as the Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari, so people could easily tell you are into Ferraris, Fiats and dinghies? We’re pretty sure that only a few people in the world wound say yes to that idea. However, there’s one company that’s willing to bet at least 199 people want a red watercraft with 695 written on it.

That’s how the “SACS – Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari” tender (yes, a tender is a little boat with soft body) came to existence, an idea that wants to bring one particular dream into reality - “boating without limits”.

“The result of the combination of the unmistakably sporty character of the two automotive brands and the high quality level of SACS, international leader in the production of dinghies, is a limited-edition tender with a unique design entirely inspired by Abarth cars,”
the official statement reads.

Only 199 such dinghies will be made, colored in several different hues: Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari, Rosso Corsa, Giallo Modena, Blu Abu Dhabi and Grigio Titanio. Carbon Look panels matching the body cover the console, while seats have characteristic Abarth red stitching. There’s also a bit of badging involved and that’s about it.

“The “SACS – Abarth 695 Tribute Ferrari” tender is the ideal craft for discovering the beauties of the most secluded inlets and the smallest harbors and is perfect for quick transfers from boat to land. It is the solution for large boat owners who demand a sporty style also for short trips,” SACS says.

All 199 units will be made delivered with a SACS Mare Abarth bag, handmade by Tramontano, the famous workshop in Naples, perfectly in tone with the product.

We don’t know any “large boat owners who demand a sporty style”, but the idea strikes us as being a bit weird. It has no supercharger, no wheels and it can’t be used for racing on a Saturday night.


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